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For another 10 years?

Woke up at 5.40 this morning after turning in to bed about 5 hours before. It was raining here in Kuang.Messaged a colleague to know the weather in TBM. Went down to a daughter's room to look for a long sleeved jersey in her closet.  I had PE class with the boys today.Reached school and missed the clock by A minute. Darn.Got a new timetable and one more PE class = 1 hour less of my free of teaching periods.Doing shot putt training with my boys. After 2@3 years, they haven't yet mastered the technique. May use the 'glide' or the 'spin' methods. Returned the test answer sheets to my 3A and 3C students. The best result ever and the best score received a bookmark I bought from Vietnam. Thanks dears and please keep it up.My daughter called that Ayah's Dom Pizza discount card has expired. ''Do u still want them at RM50+ for 2?" What the heck..? Ok, go ahead or else the special students would have to eat the canteen food.Went to 3J to distribute the n…

Kawasan Kajian TBM, KKG 2012

Untuk pelajar SMKTBM, peta berikut adalah peta kawasan kajian. Dengan meng'click' pada '-' di kiri peta ini, anda boleh melihat peta seluruh kawasan kajian, TBM.

Daripada peta satelit di atas, pelajar boleh melukis peta lakar kawasan kajian yang menunjukkan lokasi pasar malam. Ciri-ciri budaya seperti surau dan tokong hendaklah ditunjukkan dalam peta lakar anda dengan simbol yang sesuai. Dalam peta topo, warna jalan raya adalah warna merah tetapi kalau anda menamakan jalan raya tersebut, tidak perlulah menyediakan petunjuk baginya.

Anda tidak dibenarkan menggunakan scanner atau 'copy-paste' peta berikut. Peta lakar dilukis sendiri dengan kemas dan sempurna menggunakan tangan atau menggunakan 'Paint'.

Anda hendaklah melukis (dengan tangan atau komputer) peta lakar kawasan yang tepat dan lengkap dengan: - bingkai dan tajuk (1 m) - petunjuk dan arah mata angin (1 m) - simbol piawai (1 m) - kekemasan dan kesempurnaan peta (1 m) 
      Peringatan :

Tiada marka…

Tajuk laporan KKG 2012

Saya rasa ramai pelajar akan memilih tugasan 2 untuk Kerja Kursus Geografi 2012.
Saya juga mencadangkan kepada pelajar saya supaya memilih tajuk ini kerana di tempat tinggal mereka terdapat kegiatan perniagaan ini dan ini memudahkan mereka mendapatkan maklumat yang dikehendakki.
Untuk mendapat markah penuh, tajuk hendaklah dinyatakan "dengan lengkap dengan menyatakan lokasi dengan tepat"

Perniagaan runcit di kawasan kajian 
1. Lokasi termasuk kawasan kajian, bandar/daerah dan negeri
2. Nyatakan jenis perniagaan runcit yang dikaji  samada pasar malam/pasar sari/pasar tamu/pasar tani /pasar minggu/pasar lambak

Diharap pelajar akan mula menulis laporan KKG seawal mungkin selepas perbincangan setiap aspek. Please.
Pelajar juga boleh merujuk kepada laporan kerja kursus anda di tingkatan 2 cara menulis tajuk, penghargaan, pendahuluan, kawasan kajian dan kaedah kajian sebab format yang digunakan adalah sama.
Juga boleh rujuk di sini (2011) dan di sini (2012)

The faces of Kg Taman Sedia

While jogging down from the Ferns towards Tanah Rata town, I saw on my left, a small settlement nestled down there in the valley, looking charming and serene. And, further away I saw a few lines of pine trees which looked like a place in some western countries. This made me want to make a detour and explore this wonderful place which I did the next day we were to go back.
This picture taken with my BB phone doesn't do justice to this place
 We were hungry after the jog and felt lucky to have found this food stall. It's fried mee was tasty and the kuih were fine. The first homestay we saw which was quite opposite the stall.  vegetable plots which are common sight at Cameron
Marina homestay. "Homestay is a generic term used to describe a form of holiday that involves staying with the host‘s family. Whilst the bed and breakfast concept also involves the guest staying within the host‘s dwelling, the homestay is characterised by the guest‘s participation in the host‘s way of …


Some students in 3J have returned the reply forms to the PTA meeting this saturday. One of the parents commented about the state of the girls restroom. When I told the girl Z that her parent must attend the meeting to voice whatever things about the school, Z immediately striked out the statements.
I called her parent, the mother, if she would like to attend the meeting. She said, no. How is her daughter doing in school? So far, she's okay but she wasn't in the morning assembly. What?Was her best friend there? Who? LS. No, she wasn't there, too. Thank you. At 10 something, she smsed me that she had sent Z to school. Make sure she is in class. I went up to check and there they were. I told them I considered them absent today since they came in after the second period. I smsed Z's mother and thanked her.
When I went down the stairs, the other 2 girls came after me asking if I had called their parents. I called but no one answered. Now, did u give me the right number? Th…

A Cool Holiday

I have just came back from a two-night stay at Cameron Highland with my family. This was my fourth visit since the third in 2009 which I went with the other KL geography teachers. Different from the previous visits, this time I tried to focus not on the veges and fruits but more on, maybe, the physical aspects of the most popular hill resort in Malaysia. And, what should had been.
I insisted on going down to the village nearest to our place of accommodation, De La Ferns, the new boutique hotel in Cameron. We jogged and walked all the way as a part of giving our bodies the treat, which was long overdue. It was also a way to evade the 'notorious' traffic jam along the main road which had made our holiday not that cool.
The jam near the S-Corner near Brinchang. We cornered to the joint to taste the scone recommended by a hubby's friend. It's not to my taste. I found out that staying at De La Ferns was worthwhile, and, 'lepakking' in the sanctuary of its big and s…

A Monkey Tale

The rainy days of December were over and January came with its hot spells now and then with some showers in between. February is certainly going to be a hotter month as the sun is approaching the equator. It will be an equinox at the northern and the southern hemisphere when almost everywhere will experience equal length of day and night.
So, hotter noons for us here in Malaysia but showers with lightning and thunder will come down in the evening to cool down the atmosphere.
Then, how does weather get to do with monkeys? Just look at the pictures and make your own conclusion. On that day, my third daughter called me frantically to tell me about the monkeys (there were three of them) which came from the little jungle at the back of the house. The little jungle is home to few wild animals. A big, wild boar had been sighted at our area last month. I stopped her midway to tell her to snap their pictures. ''Ok", she hung up. No videos because the battery was dead.

Dah mula dah! KKG PMR 2012!

Rasanya tak habis penat menguruskan KKG 2011, sekarang dah mula kena fikirkan pula KKG 2012.
Untuk makluman pihak-pihak yang terlibat, sila ke laman web MOE untuk ketahui tajuk tugasan. Lepas ni, pelajar-pelajar PMR kena tunggu tajuk yang dipilih oleh guru geografi di sekolah anda.

Secara formal, Kerja Kursus Geografi (KKG) bermula pada bulan Februari dan berakhir pada bulan Ogos. Selalunya, pelajar diminta menghantar hasil kerja seawal bulan Jun dan selewat-lewatnya bulan Julai untuk memberi masa guru-guru menilai hasil kerja mereka. Bulan Ogos adalah masa untuk menghantar markah ke Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia secara online.

Seperti biasa, ada 2 tajuk tugasan yang diberikan. Rasa-rasanya, banyak sekolah akan memilih tugasan ke 2 terutamanya yang terletak di bandar. Guru-guru subjek perdagangan atau ekonomi, bersedialah untuk 'diserbu' oleh guru geografi yang akan cuba dapatkan maklumat daripada anda!Bagi saya, bertambah lagi kesibukan saya.

One more..I'm going to be a g…