The faces of Kg Taman Sedia

While jogging down from the Ferns towards Tanah Rata town, I saw on my left, a small settlement nestled down there in the valley, looking charming and serene. And, further away I saw a few lines of pine trees which looked like a place in some western countries. This made me want to make a detour and explore this wonderful place which I did the next day we were to go back.
This picture taken with my BB phone doesn't do justice to this place

 We were hungry after the jog and felt lucky to have found this food stall. It's fried mee was tasty and the kuih were fine.
The first homestay we saw which was quite opposite the stall. 
vegetable plots which are common sight at Cameron

Marina homestay. "Homestay is a generic term used to describe a form of holiday that involves staying with the host‘s family. Whilst the bed and breakfast concept also involves the guest staying within the host‘s dwelling, the homestay is characterised by the guest‘s participation in the host‘s way of life"- Azman Hamzah, UTM

One pretty and modern architecture house
A surau in which the muslims pray and carry out activities.

 A kindergarten 
 The built map of the village. Note that the grey cuboides and cubes indicate houses. The plaque tells us how the village got its name

 What more to say? So common in CH
I think the buildings up there is a school. The school children here are lucky to learn surrounded by the cool weather but this atmosphere may induce sleeping. We prefer to snuggle into the bed during the cool rainy seasons

 Also a homestay

 This river forms the western border of Kg Taman Sedia
 The old All-Soul Church
The northern entrance of the village.


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