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Tan Son Nath

Flash floods on the way to the airport
It's just 8.40 pm here. It was raining when I came to the airport accompanied by husband and my two girls, Tasneem and Munirah. They helped me checked in before they went off their way, back to their hotel.

Now here I am standing infront of this airport computer blogging, of course. Just to kill time.

Ok..takut ada orang nak guna I will type off now.
 last minute instructions and requests? not really.. They came later through skypes and yms. They are more than 90% Malaysians. They came in with almost empty bags and went out with almost to burst baggages. Ha ha ha!

Bestnya kampung di tepi sungai

After marking the last kerja kursus of form 3F, I stretched out my arms and then reached out for my lappie. The weather outside is beautiful with the wind blowing softly. This morning, the sounds of birds chirping filled the air. Thanks to God, Alhamdulillah.

Last nite, I dont know how, but I discovered a set of photos which was taken when we were invited to a durian party at Kg Sungai Dara in Tanjung Malim, Perak. The land or rather the kebun is owned by a friend of ours. This Sg. Dara is located in Lembah Bernam, Daerah Batang Padang in Hilir Perak. Well, if you know something about dams in Perak, Batang Padang dam is one of them.

It was said that the area of Batang Padang has the largest aquifer discovered so far. About the size of Singapore. I think that was why a project to tap this underground water was taken up by Sime Darby to fulfill the demand for water in Malaysia. About 98 percent of the water supply in this country comes from surface water which is subjected to "extr…


Happy Friday

It's Friday night. I love Fridays! Don't have to get up very early the next morning especially when I go to bed very late. Sleep is bliss!
Sleep like a baby
Simba and Putih

It's Puffs!

I discovered these pictures in Ismah's folder. Lets the photos tell them all.

Heat a cup of water and a cup of margarine/butter (half stick of that buttercup) to a rolling boil

Sift a cup of flour into the boiled mixture (kalau rajin, buat awal-awal)
Stir vigourously over low heat about a minute or two till it forms a ball

Turn off the heat / remove from heat. Don't cook too long or it won't puff nicely Need 5 big eggs (single or double A)
Beat in all eggs at one time
Continue beating until smooth
Grease the baking sheet
Drop on baking pan using small spoon or use that piping cone or whatever you call it.  I'm too lazy to use it
Should reheat the oven before you put in the balls
Bake at 25 minutes or till golden brown. These are not the big puffs we see at the bakery which may take about 40 minutes to bake.
Be careful not to underbake it or it will fall in. Cool away from draft. Click on the pic for a better view.
Cut off puffs and fill them with vanilla cream pudding. Replace tops

New lawn

After a few weeks, the landscaping project is almost over. Instead of having our weekly jogging and exercise at the Lake Garden, we raked the brown leaves off the new lawn. Then, we threw them over the new fence into the empty land next door to decompose. Of course, I don't throw non-biodegradable items out there.

Now, look at our new landscape.

Sports Day : Running Events

I blog the sports day in parts because I have taken many pictures on that day. Kalau gambar-gambar ni terdelete..manalah tau (it had happened before) masih ada lagi dalam blog ni. Sebelum acara larian dijalankan, acara perasmian sukan tahunan dibuat dahulu. Of courselah, kan.

Sekolah memang suka main gendang seperti gendang ni.

 Tak tahu pula nama pelajar yang berbakat ini
Selepas pertunjukan kebudayaan yang menggabungkan seni mempertahankan diri 3 bangsa utama Malaysia ni, barulah acara balapan dimulakan. Balapan ini acara larianlah. Acara padang semua sudah selesai dijalankan. Ok, mari tengok guru-guru yang bertugas.
Barisan guru lelaki yang bertugas di padang. Semua dah tak available (tapi masih ada yang kata dia available..cehh) kecuali yang di sebelah kanan gambar
Tiga sekawan ni..juruacara majlis yang boleh diharapkan, terutama yang di tengah tu, juruhebah sangat berpengalaman.
Cikgu ni tugasnya sentiasa mengendalikan urusan hadiah, tak kira apa program. Jadi sentiasa berpakaian cant…