Bestnya kampung di tepi sungai

After marking the last kerja kursus of form 3F, I stretched out my arms and then reached out for my lappie. The weather outside is beautiful with the wind blowing softly. This morning, the sounds of birds chirping filled the air. Thanks to God, Alhamdulillah.

Last nite, I dont know how, but I discovered a set of photos which was taken when we were invited to a durian party at Kg Sungai Dara in Tanjung Malim, Perak. The land or rather the kebun is owned by a friend of ours. This Sg. Dara is located in Lembah Bernam, Daerah Batang Padang in Hilir Perak. Well, if you know something about dams in Perak, Batang Padang dam is one of them.

It was said that the area of Batang Padang has the largest aquifer discovered so far. About the size of Singapore. I think that was why a project to tap this underground water was taken up by Sime Darby to fulfill the demand for water in Malaysia. About 98 percent of the water supply in this country comes from surface water which is subjected to "extreme weather conditions".

 Parking the car on a narrow lane.
 Walking downhill from where we parked the car. The air was damp and in a place like this, the mosquitoes were abundant.
       A small stream. No, it's not wise to wear heels. I was teased and asked if I was going to town! How do I know I was going to a place like this? Ha ha.

Any wood is good enough. Irregular sized wood materials were nailed 2 small wood planks arranged across the stream. The water running below was clear and looked clean. 

The cool and refreshing Sg Dara 
 Wished I could do this..As a kid, I used to bath in a river in my kampung in Tawau, Sabah.

Batu-batu besar membentuk jeram


Apabila rasa panas, rasa nak terjun je ke dalam air yang menyegarkan ini! Better than air laut kat Tumpat 
Even these guys had time to enjoy themselves..chatting

makan durian hingga tutup mata..nikmatke?

Melihat kilang proton di Proton City, Tanjung Malim. Kereta Savvy dipasang di sini. Jadi bukan di Shah Alam saja ada kilang Proton. Ok, di mana pula kilang Perodua? atau kilang motosikal Kris? 

 Lori mengangkut sesuatu menuju pintu masuk kilang proton.


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