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The Turkey Travel Summary Part 1

After almost 2 weeks (14th Nov-26th Nov)  in Turkey, now I'm back at home. The plane landed at KLIA at 7.05 am after 10 hours 45 minutes in the air over 9,869 km. Alhamdulillah. An hour after that, we left KLIA in a car and a taxi. The taxi went to my son's house in Saujana Putra, reloaded all luggages and passengers into my son's car and headed home to Kuang.

The trip was a success, at least to me. Having two types of travel methods was really good. The first part, 100% guided Istanbul-Canakkale-Troy-Pergamon-Kusadasi-Konya-Pamukkale-Cappadocia-Ankara-Istanbul (refer to the map below). We had to follow the schedules and the fast pace. Shopping and taking pictures were done fast and didn't need second thoughts. The second part, we were on our own exploring a few parts of this mega city in a slower pace and more time on walking around, shopping and sampling the local foods.

The November weather was nicely cool, temperature ranging from 20 degree celsius to 5 degree cel…

Istanbul Aku Datang 1

We departed from KLIA at about 12.50 am and after a 10-hour flight , we arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Airport  at 6.30 am local time. The weather was 12 degree Celcius. After going through the immigration process, we performed our subuh prayer at the carosel area. Our bus was already waiting outside the airport to bring us to enjoy the cruise along the Bosphorus Strait. It was cold and my daughters were shivering as they didn't take out their jackets from the luggage. The luggage was tucked deep inside the bus luggage compartment.

Istanbul, here I come.

"Istanbul Aku Datang", the title of a new Malay flick starring one Lisa Surihani, aptly describes our next trip. 3 more days and counting. Early this morning, we booked two triple-rooms at Ayasultan in Istanbul. My eyes were already tired from all the googling to find more info for our trip to Turkey.