Istanbul Aku Datang 1

We departed from KLIA at about 12.50 am and after a 10-hour flight , we arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Airport  at 6.30 am local time. The weather was 12 degree Celcius. After going through the immigration process, we performed our subuh prayer at the carosel area. Our bus was already waiting outside the airport to bring us to enjoy the cruise along the Bosphorus Strait. It was cold and my daughters were shivering as they didn't take out their jackets from the luggage. The luggage was tucked deep inside the bus luggage compartment.

We then visited the vast Topkapi Palace which left us in awe due to its beauty and classicness. I felt a little sombre as I stepped into the room where the swords of the Prophet’s sahabahs were shown. There were MANY tourists like we were in a shopping area.

The next place we went to was the Hagia Sofia Mosque. It felt awesome as I gazed at the interiors, wondering, how on earth they built it. Of course, Mr Lucky told us a lot about these places and that is what is good about a conducted tour group.

After having lunch at a Fish Restaurant near the shore, we went off a 5-hour drive to the port of Gallipoli where we crossed the Dardanelles Strait to Canakkale. I couldn't  take any pictures because it was dark when we arrived at the port.
Please read this post for more Istanbul Trip to Kadikoy, Ortakoy, Galata, Eminonu etc..

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