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It's Blue Day

A day before Christmas. It was my son's wedding reception day held a week after the bride's event in Singapore. This was a Malay wedding but did not fully follow all the Malay ceremonial rites like sitting demurely on a special dais' (bersanding) and being sprinkled with rose water. Let's first watch the much appreciated video which was produced by my youngest daughter's friend. If you have the time, you might want to scroll down to see some or all the photos in this post.

Looking Back..

The wedding reception on the my side went off well, Alhamdulillah. It was not that tiring doing it at the house contrary to the opinion of a few others. However, I got a mild fever and flu the next day, the only one to get it.
The preparation wasn't that tough but it was time consuming; the problems were more to getting the right things or getting things right rather than having to many things to do. All was needed was quick decision making and getting the right people do the work. And more important, to have the bucks ever ready! Therefore, the only cooperation I needed first was from my other half. Then, from my family including my dear mother and sisters, niece and nephew, who were up front, cleaning, tidying up, cooking, etc a week before the event.
I was out of the house most of the days up to the reception day, doing all the shoppings. I did the small house decorations gradually at nights, usually when people were asleep and I hit the pillow usually after midnites, sometime…