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Halal food / restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City (Makanan Halal)

When I travel, foods are never far from my mind. The first thing I do is to google halal food outlets at the place I'm going to. Look this up  This web site really helps me a lot when I travel. Actually nowadays, Muslims are all around the world and to me, that means halal food is not a major issue. If you go to Bangkok, this friend's blog is very, very helpful. In one muslim community in the United States, they bought their chicken straight from the supermarket and they eat in certain fast food restaurants. It all boils down to our 'keyakinan', if we are in doubt, don't eat.
In HCMC, there are several halal food outlets that can cater to your palates from a few days to a few weeks :) stay in the city. Although I had a full list, I went only to the accessible few that were located within the vicinity that I stayed. The first time here, I stayed at Saigon Hotel on Dong Du Street which is across the Sheraton but not directly opposite. O…

Cu Chi Tunnels

One never fails to visit this popular place on the list of must visit sites in Vietnam. Since nothing much could be seen and done during the vietnam Tet holidays, it's a big relief that the hotel was able to arrange a trip to Cu Chi. If not, we felt that our vietnam trip wasn't worhwhile. Rugi tambang kapal terbang sahaja.
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We started the the 45 minutes journey at around 9.30 in the morning after taking our breakfast. We hired a van with a driver who could speak a little English and luckily our Cu Chi tunnels guide who happened to be a university student had a very good command of English.

 The tunnels run 250 km and the Cu Chi people had lived their life, and died in them during the war. The tunnels were protected by various deadly traps you can imagine. The Viet Congs were very creative and practical. Somehow the Americans got to know about these tunnels and set out to destroy them inland an…