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Stong Mountain State Park, Kelantan

My husband always got something to say about Kelantan. When we asked, how Stong got its name, he said, "it's from the English word, stone. The Kelantanese made it sounded stong." ha ha ha! Whatever.
Therefore, when we saw the sign board to the Stong State Park, my daughters unanimously urged him to stop by which he gladly consented. Yeay!
Gua Musang-Dabong-Jeli road. Since we came from the direction of Gua Musang, we turned left at a small exit which is just after the signage.  The Jelawang waterfall at Gunung Stong. The small road leads to the entrance of the State park.

Balik Kampung for Eidul Fitr Celebration 1

I had planned to celebrate this year's Raya in Sabah but due to improper planning, it wasn't so. Late application to the Education Department and high fares made me postponed the trip to December. The MOE's late announcement of the extra days to the Raya holidays also made me fumed because I couldn't decide the date to travel and I would want to stay there as long as I could.  Fyi, I receive free ticket once a year to my hometown and this also applies to my immediate family who's under 21, including my husband la. Surprisingly, I received tickets to go back on the Day itself which prompted me to call the Department to say that I had already cancelled my raya trip because the seats were not available on the date I set. "Ok, fine but you can change the date to a later time but you need to do it now.." Without consulting anybody in my family, I agreed to a December date but I can't remember what it is. Later. Huh.

The limestone extractions create unsigh…

Benoa Beach & Spa Resort, Bali

Benoa Beach Resort is just next door to Conrad Hotel, at Nusa Dua. My daughters stayed here during our trip to Bali  in 2010. It was beautiful.
Entrance to the resort. What first impression does one get?

Staying in Conrad Hotel, Bali


Kuala Gandah, Lancang

Well, I came over this album featuring our trip to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Pahang a few years ago. The trip was organized by the EndemicGuide which I found on the internet.

Random Talking..

Life has been busy since my last post. Doing this and that and coming home late. Since age has been catching up with me, I now work and think slow. Forgetfulness is the norm. I have to recount the cup of rice I'm going to cook and simple multiplications is an arduous task. I have to write my next day lesson plans a few hours after I finished all my classes when the memory of them are still fresh. My multi-tasking skill is not a skill now so please do not  interrupt me when I'm doing things. Feel like my brain space getting smaller and constricted, giving me headaches. And I seldom get headaches before. Ha ha ha.