Balik Kampung for Eidul Fitr Celebration 1

I had planned to celebrate this year's Raya in Sabah but due to improper planning, it wasn't so. Late application to the Education Department and high fares made me postponed the trip to December. The MOE's late announcement of the extra days to the Raya holidays also made me fumed because I couldn't decide the date to travel and I would want to stay there as long as I could.  Fyi, I receive free ticket once a year to my hometown and this also applies to my immediate family who's under 21, including my husband la. Surprisingly, I received tickets to go back on the Day itself which prompted me to call the Department to say that I had already cancelled my raya trip because the seats were not available on the date I set. "Ok, fine but you can change the date to a later time but you need to do it now.." Without consulting anybody in my family, I agreed to a December date but I can't remember what it is. Later. Huh.

The limestone extractions create unsightly view at this part of Simpang Pulai

At 5 am, we set out on the trip but stopped at McD nearby in Bkt Rahman Putra for sahur first. Initial plan was to take it at the Tapah R & R! Loved our sleep too much to wake up at 3 am! We then offered our fajr prayer at ...hurm, can't remember the place. Ok, it was Rawang R&R. By 6.30 am, we were already at Cameron-Lojing which we loved because of the fresh cool air! However, the landscape was such an eyesore!

 Not-so-nice landscape at Lojing Highlands which borders Cameron Highlands. Rows and rows of commercial vegetable farms could be seen on the overdeveloped land. This massive clearing of land as shown below, spells a would-be disaster in the form of serious landslides.  It has also affected the water supply from Belatop River nearby (more news on the internet). What an ugly sight.

This 2011 picture is not clear as it was taken using a phone camera and from a moving car. Although this was taken last year, I believe this condition still exist this year. They can make this a beautiful project so people will come and look at it, thus generating income from tourism.

 A modern orang asli settlement near Sg. Belatop. A nice looking primary school named PosBrooke is built not far down the road for the orang asli children.
 See how deserted the road near Lojing
 A small rest area near Hutan Simpan Kekal Batu Papan at Lojing Highlands.
 We bought 3 ikat at a price cheaper than in KL, for sure.
 We took the turn to the right.
 The Waja turned turtle..this made us drive more carefully
'Batu Kapur' (limestones) formation which dotted the southern Kelantan landscape. The limestones area in Kelantan is generally untouched for development yet.

Ok. So, Kelantan was where we celebrated 2012 Raya. Tumpat, to be exact. We went back using the Cameron-Gua Musang-Dabong-Tanah Merah-Tumpat route to avoid the traffic jams along the Gua Musang-Kuala Krai route. In fact, it was so fast and smooth a travel that we were able to spend about one and a half hour at the Stong State Park in Kelantan. I'll write about this in the next post.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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