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Makanan Halal di Hong Kong.

Well, this is a record for me. Tidak pernah menulis blog berturut-turut dalam 3 hari, kalau tidak silap. This time, I will write in a rojak language, mixing English and Malay.
Kami berada di Hong Kong tidak lama iaitu 2 malam sahaja. Sekadar untuk kenal sedikit dan dapat menginjakkan kaki di bumi yang pernah disewa British selama 99 tahun itu.
Perjalanan dari Macau ke Hong Kong mengambil masa lebih kurang sejam menaiki feri jam 12 tengahari di Macau Ferry terminal. Kami menuju ke Kowloon atas cadangan seorang kawan kerana kami hendak shopping di tempat bernama Mongkok. Ini sudah saya ceritakan dalam blog yang lepas.
I took this picture from the ferry. It was raining at that time and that was why the picture was a little blurred. This is First Ferry, similar to the one that I boarded Kami menginap di Metropark Hotel di Jalan Waterloo di Mongkok (harap ini betul) yang tolong direservekan oleh sahabat Hong Kong suami. Rate yang suami bayar hampir separuh kerana pejabat sahabat suami itu ada k…

My shoppings in Macau and Hong Kong

Macau and Hong Kong is good to LOOK at, at least to me. But they are not MY shopping heavens because I don't have that much money to splurge on NEW branded items especially handbags. I love my money. But, If had the chance to go to their factory outlet, I might love it.

While I was there, I did a lot of sightseeings, at least more than shopping. The things I bought were mostly small but popular souvenirs with my children such as fridge magnets and keychains which are a must for them when going out of the country. As for me, I collect mugs.

BUT. I still bought handbags but not the branded and expensive ones, for our daily, regular uses. It was tiring and boring to haggle for lower prices with that begging sweet voice of mine! and pleading look! But it works. Unlike one south asian lady. She did a bit aggressive talking with the saleslady who later told her off for saying she could get a lower price for one particular handbag elsewhere!

However, I did regret the handbag purchases. …

Visiting Macau: Halal Indian Kitchen and The Quaint Villa de Coloane

Coloane Village is a small, rustic and serene village at the southern west part of Macau, on the Coloane Island. Quite quaint. However, the island has already been connected to Taipa island by land reclamation called Cotai Strip. The lifestyle seems to be drowsy and slow-paced and it is featured with old houses, churches and the temples located around the village. 
I went there on the third day, 14 October. At about 11 in the morning, I decided to have my brunch at the halal Indian Kitchen near Taipa Garden before going to Coloane. The people in the restaurant told me to get a no.25 Bus to a cultural village but I ended up listening to another local girl telling me confidently to take a no.26X bus which actually didn't go there. I might had misheard no 26A (which was the right one) with no 26X but both buses passed by my hotel. I got down and took a taxi from the 4 Season Hotel nearby which then charged me more for detouring to another place of interest that is Villa de Coloane. I …

Senado Square, Macau

We were in Macau for 4D3N and 2D2N in Hong Kong

This is at Venetian in Taipa The second day, when husband were busy conferencing, I braved myself going alone to Senado Square in Peninsular Macau. By taking the hotel shuttle at the west lobby of the hotel, I got down at the macau jetty and then walked to Senado Square which is many blocks away from the jetty. Being a lot different from others, I knew I got second looks from them. There were appetising smell wasping in the air coming from the food stalls and restaurants as I walked along the corridors but of course I couldn't sample the food as they are not halal.

Senado Square is the center of Macau historical and cultural area where old buildings and church ruins are located. I walked around the area till my feet hurt. I didn't even use the map I brought along with me. Now enjoy looking at the pictures below which explain better than words. I can't remember much of the information I read about the buildings because my bra…