Visiting Macau: Halal Indian Kitchen and The Quaint Villa de Coloane

Coloane Village is a small, rustic and serene village at the southern west part of Macau, on the Coloane Island. Quite quaint. However, the island has already been connected to Taipa island by land reclamation called Cotai Strip. The lifestyle seems to be drowsy and slow-paced and it is featured with old houses, churches and the temples located around the village. 
I went there on the third day, 14 October. At about 11 in the morning, I decided to have my brunch at the halal Indian Kitchen near Taipa Garden before going to Coloane. The people in the restaurant told me to get a no.25 Bus to a cultural village but I ended up listening to another local girl telling me confidently to take a no.26X bus which actually didn't go there. I might had misheard no 26A (which was the right one) with no 26X but both buses passed by my hotel. I got down and took a taxi from the 4 Season Hotel nearby which then charged me more for detouring to another place of interest that is Villa de Coloane. I didn't like the idea of walking up the highest point in Coloane to see the Lady Statue. The cost by bus was only MOP4.20 whereas by taxi, it was 10x more. RM1 is about MOP2.2. Actually, it is very easy to take a bus to go anywhere in Taipa just by looking at bus numbers on the map. Unfortunately on that day, the bus driver couldn't understand English and I couldn't ask him anything. In fact, he didn't ask me to pay for the bus fare but I just put the fare into the slot before getting down the bus.

Indian Garden which serves halal meats which they obtained from mainland China
 The interior of the Indian Garden

 I couldn't remember the name of this menu. More to chicken briyani which I ordered with a lasso drink. The lunch cost me MOP90 (about RM45). I couldn't finish the meal so I tapau it for my dinner.

High-rises at Taipa Garden which were still under construction

 The bus stop where I waited for bus no 26X instead of 26A

It didn't take long to get here by taxi from Taipa but it cost me MOP45. The driver of course didn't speak English and thought maybe I could understood a bit of his language. After a few seconds 'babbling' in his mother tongue and noticed my 'don't understand' sign, he stopped talking and laughed.
The first thing I saw on my right at the Largo..was this small shop, Lord Stow bakery which sold the famous portugese tarts. But a mat salih lady I met at the bus stop thought they were all sugar meaning that they were not healthy. Lord Stowe had another cafe for indoor eating just around the corner of this street.

I turned to my right first to go the northern part of the village and along the small lane I saw these small houses.
These old men chatted their time away sitting outside on this Thursday afternoon. Further up was the small Lord Stowe cafe. I didn't go in of course since I know their food were not halal. The young policeman I talked to in broken English said that most young people here worked and stayed in the bigger Macau city and it's quite far for them to travel to and fro daily.

The Coloane Beach which looked dirty, faced the Zhuhai special economic zone of Guandong on mainland China 
This house looked so sweet I couldn't resist taking the picture
This garbage disposal structure looked pretty
The bus stop 
 A small market selling vegetables and fruits that could also be found in Malaysia. Didn't bother to ask for the prices. I walked along this back lane, found the souvenir shop below, and came to a square where an old St Xavier Church stood.

At the opposite end of the cobblestone paved square is a small monument surrounded by stone cannonballs which celebrates Macau's defeat of the local pirates in 1910. Both sides of the square were occupied by restaurants.

 An aluminum door? Reflections could be seen on it.

This waterfront was quite nice and cool on that thursday late afternoon. People strolled and sat on the wooden benches, chatting.

-to be continued-


  1. Hi, have you tried the egg tart in Lord Stow's ? May I know if it's halal? Thanks!

  2. I went in but didnt buy anything as i saw them selling pies with pork filling. I assumed the tarts were 'perhaps' contaminated too. Sorry for the late response, i just read your comment. :)). Even a foreigner with children told me that they were all sugar.


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