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Spring New Zealand

This is our second trip to New Zealand since 2001 when the children were kids. This time we just concentrate on the south island mostly around the area nearby Queenstown.
And this time, the itinerary were planned by  Daughter 2 since the mother had no time for it. Daughter 1 is incharge of the food. We read a lot of blogs and reviews to get views and tips. However, the father being the Finance minister and PM did the major work and decision, booking of flights, motorhome and immigration requirements. Admittedly, my contribution was secondary, not as much as before.

The memory of Lombok

The trip to Lombok was planned at the last minute, 2 weeks before. I got the travel agent's name while searching and reading blogs on Lombok trips. His quotation was cheaper compared to others since he has connections with the Indonesian travel agents. Next time, I might as well use the the Indonesian travel agents when planning my Indonesian trips. Communications are now easier with whatsapp social media. I told them I just need transportation with driver-cum-tourist guide. Do ask what kind of vehicle they offer and if it is new and has aircon. The charge was rm450+/pax for 4D3N which only cover the southern and western part of Lombok. This included meals too (can't remember whether 2 or 3 meals a day). If you order drinks other than plain water, you pay it yourself.
Actually, we need more than a week to discover the whole of Lombok as there are quite a lot to see and do if you really want your airfare to be 'berbaloi' and you are not going there again. In any travel…