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Cafe Jiran, Kuang

Copying from my fb post, these are my comments on the newly opened Cafe Jiran in Kuang.

"Trying out the menus at the new Jiran cafe at Jln Melati, Kuang. The atmosphere was more lively compare to the previous tenant, Attap cafe. More western oriented with the usual menus but offers local varieties as well. The creamy cheesy fish (dory fish instead of salmon) stands out from the rest (dont u really trust my taste). I dont want to point out the negatives (if u dont like, keep mum or tell the chefs, which indirectly I did :)]."

Located off Jalan Melati, about a few hundred meters from the traffic lights junction of Jalan Melati-Jalan Kuang-Jalan Sg.Plong-Jalan Kundang, the cafe is housed in a wooden, traditional design premise.  The exterior design is pleasing to the eyes and enticing enough for us to try it out. Out of curiosity.

Sabah Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning)

When I was small, besides eating fried mee for breakfast, I also took 'nasi kuning'. But fried mee was more frequent. I remember very well eating nasi kuning when we went out to the Tawau town. Young kids peddled these two main food at the jetty, selling to the boat passengers.

I dont know the origin of this yellow rice but I grew up with it. It's the mixed chilli paste, bumbu bali (sambal bali) which produce its distinctive taste. The sambal should be dry not watery. Since my mother did not have a blender, all ingredients were pounded in a mortar. Thus, the pounded dried chillies were quite coarse. The types of fish used are the smaller ones, not the mackerels or red snappers. A condiment is added which is the serunding kelapa, a savory grated coconut, fried til dry enough to not get spoilt easily. We may also add plain boiled egg to the rice. What actually made it aromatic and delicious is because the yellow rice is wrapped in banana leaves, after being cooked in coconu…

Raya 2013 and Tawau Mee Tauhu

It is about 3.30 am, the 4th of Syawal today and I have just woke up from my sleep about half an hour ago. There was a blackout in my MIL's house last night that made me go to sleep early. I was thinking about the dish I cooked yesterday and perhaps going to do it again today for our raya guests.