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Day 3, Europe Trip: The Charming town of Bishop Stortford

"The enchanting, ancient market town, whose history pre-dates the Roman occupation, was originally built around its river, the Stort..."

Day 3 Europe Trip: The Sweetest Encounter with Bonnington Guest House

The most romantic accomodation we had ever experienced.  The pictures speak a thousand words.
The English countryside is beautiful in this season Fortunate for us to choose this place over London

I found out that they have walk trails throughout the Essex County

Europe Early Summer Trip 2014: The Plan and the Process

We have just got back from the Malaysian school holiday long trip to Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy and Greece; which was from the 31st May to 15th June, 2014.

The plan to go was taken after our umrah trip in February and tickets were paid  before my trip to Vietnam in late March. My daughter who studies in Dublin arranged and created the travel framework that covers the length of stays in each city, booking of flights, buses and trains. She was also responsible for the itineraries in the Spain and Ireland trips. My other two daughters here in Malaysia prepared the itineraries for the Italy and Greece trips. I was in charged of the accomodations and train schedules. My husband was forever the Big Boss and Finance Minister. It was agreed that the main transportation costs would be shared equally as my daughters are already working and have saved. All bookings were under the Big Boss's name and thus, any monetary transactions were done with his credit card. Confirmed documents would be …