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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Las Cavacas, the Cow

Another food escapade but not that far. Just at Mont Kiara.  And if you are willing to spend more than RM30/100g on a high quality, grass-fed beef. The burger is, of course, much much better than McD..though I'm not a burger fan. Mind you, the burger is pricier than the steak we ordered. The panacotta dessert was yummy to me, I could eat loads of it.

I thought I could just buy the tender Australian steak at the Giant Supermarket which cooked minutes if not seconds,M but I won't get the grilled-taste meat which I love. Over to you, Las Vacas :))

Thank you for reading and visit me again.

Yummy Little Yum! Yum!

Yum, yum, yummy...yes, yummy! And the service was very fast too.

On our belated anniversary dinner, our daughters took us to this Chinese-Nyonya restaurant at Kota Damansara. Kota Damansara has a lot of food joints which we haven't tried yet. The first we went to was the Brothers and the latest being Homst, another Chinese food joint owned by a Chinese muslims. Oh not to forget an Arab food restaurant near Giant Supermarket.

I tell you, the food prices at Yum Yum are higher than average but they worth the money spent. I even bought the spices packed in jars to try them at home.

The place was packed when we arrived but fortunately my daughter had made a table reservation before going. Those who didn't book had to wait to be seated.

Below are the pictures of the food that we ordered.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Tawau Again

It has been a long time since I wrote my last post. I'm a slow writer and not a very good one.

After SPM is over, I went back to school to update the files and did stock check. Updated the profile information in HRMIS. Sent the PBS exercises to be printed for the 2014 first few weeks of school.

I also attended the wedding of my husband's niece at Villa Sangkot, Ulu Langat and sending-off-the-bride ceremony at Putrajaya during the weekend. She is the third child and youngest girl in the family of six, 3 girls and 3 boys. It will be many more years down the road before another wedding as the 4th child is only 16 years old.

Then off we flew to Tawau for our annual visit to my hometown. This time with three children in tow. Their last trip was 2 years ago and they had missed their grandma's kampung. A recommended Bernama article related to shopping in Tawau can be read at the end of this post.
Along the Highway on the 2nd day, watching the sun went down over the horizon from the sea front.

During our short seven-day stay, we shopped, sampled and ate various food, visited relatives and breathed in the fresh air at the nature park.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


It's almost the end of the year. All major examinations except SPM had been carried out and the students are having a lot of 'fun' either at school or at home. However, the education officers aka teachers are not slowing down. PBS key-in has not yet finished. There are many other tasks to be completed before the school closed for the year-end holiday. There are these ICT things, that got the teachers on their nerves! I bet, those at the top are also not having enough sleep. In the last few years, things keep changing and changing. I'm not opposing changes but they should be done after a thorough study. We, teachers are the ones carrying out the changes or else they will just 'collecting dusts' in the big files up there.
Please have a pity on us. We might be your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles and so forth.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It is dying, isn't it?

My students had already sat for the PMR Geography Paper last Thursday, the 3rd of October. And the last Geography Paper in the last PMR national examination after 20 years in existence. I have thrown away most of the reference and revision books in that format, preparing myself for the new form of students' academic evaluation. PBS.

After 20 years teaching the students to excel academically and pushing them to learn Geography, to get them interested in Geography, I come to ask myself this question. Is Geography still relevant in the education system? Why do I ask the question?

I heard that (not through gossips), the number of teaching periods for the subject is going to be reduced from 3 to 1, and another subject related to traffic safety is going to be introduced.

Geography is such an interesting subject if it is taught properly. I had students who begged me to continue teaching even after the bell has rung. I could still remember their attentiveness when I told them stories of my travels (which sadly I didnt do regularly). I felt satisfaction when I watched their faces lit up as they understood what I was telling them. And the one boy who came to my geography clinic although I scolded him for not wanting to answer my questions (I have never heard his voice eventhough I have taught him for almost a year now. His friend said, not that he doesnt know but he doesn't want to). Another one who had no interest in the subject before that, suddenly asked to get the form 1 and form 2 textbooks so that he could study. And those who almost cried because they finally attained an A in this subject. And more....

Many students found it boring as they are not patient enough to slow their pace and observe the wonders of earth and its contents. Geography is the study of the earth we are living in, its landforms, its features and its inhabitants. How many of you would click 'likes' at pictures of beautiful landscapes and natures? How many of you wanted to know about the tsunami that brought disasters and levelled the area of Acheh in Indonesia? What about this global warming that affects the life of all living things? Why do certain parts of the world have different vegetations? Why are the deserts dry and arid? Are we going to get the answers in the subjects of History, Mathematics, Languages or Science (mostly but it doesn't teach about space and places on earth)?

Do you think we need to have knowledge of the earth? If so, then Geography is still important to pay attention to in school.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Street Arts of Penang

A weekend trip to Penang on Independence Day, to get away from the little stress of work. :))

A FINE MORNING along Gurney Drive

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cafe Jiran, Kuang

Copying from my fb post, these are my comments on the newly opened Cafe Jiran in Kuang.

"Trying out the menus at the new Jiran cafe at Jln Melati, Kuang. The atmosphere was more lively compare to the previous tenant, Attap cafe. More western oriented with the usual menus but offers local varieties as well. The creamy cheesy fish (dory fish instead of salmon) stands out from the rest (dont u really trust my taste). I dont want to point out the negatives (if u dont like, keep mum or tell the chefs, which indirectly I did :)]."

Located off Jalan Melati, about a few hundred meters from the traffic lights junction of Jalan Melati-Jalan Kuang-Jalan Sg.Plong-Jalan Kundang, the cafe is housed in a wooden, traditional design premise.  The exterior design is pleasing to the eyes and enticing enough for us to try it out. Out of curiosity.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sabah Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning)

When I was small, besides eating fried mee for breakfast, I also took 'nasi kuning'. But fried mee was more frequent. I remember very well eating nasi kuning when we went out to the Tawau town. Young kids peddled these two main food at the jetty, selling to the boat passengers.

I dont know the origin of this yellow rice but I grew up with it. It's the mixed chilli paste, bumbu bali (sambal bali) which produce its distinctive taste. The sambal should be dry not watery. Since my mother did not have a blender, all ingredients were pounded in a mortar. Thus, the pounded dried chillies were quite coarse. The types of fish used are the smaller ones, not the mackerels or red snappers. A condiment is added which is the serunding kelapa, a savory grated coconut, fried til dry enough to not get spoilt easily. We may also add plain boiled egg to the rice. What actually made it aromatic and delicious is because the yellow rice is wrapped in banana leaves, after being cooked in coconut milk with pandan leaves. Just think of nasi lemak.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Raya 2013 and Tawau Mee Goreng

It is about 3.30 am, the 4th of Syawal today and I have just woke up from my sleep about half an hour ago. There was a blackout in my MIL's house last night that made me go to sleep early.
I was thinking about the dish I cooked yesterday and perhaps going to do it again today for our raya guests.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Be Grateful

Ramadhan is here again. I have been fasting since I was a kid, perhaps around 9 years of age. However, I can't remember much except that my mother prepared and cooked all the foods for iftar (arabic word) or sungkai (a Bugis word). No buying of food or eating out. Those practices were non-existence when I was small. I used to be the messenger in the customary exchanging of food with our neighbors. We made only one kind of kuih but when the iftar was drawing near, there would be several kinds of kuih on the table.