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The making of Burasak, a Bugis traditional food.

"Pos laju yang tak laju". Parcel was sent from Sabah on Wednesday morning and was tracked at Shah Alam at 7 am the next day (Thursday). Then, it was sent to Rawang and stayed there until I called asking for its whereabout at 2pm Friday. They said it would be delivered before 6 pm. It was but I had to go out. They didn't call when they arrived or I would have told them to pass it to one of my neighbors. They left a notification telling us to collect it the next day at Rawang which was more than half-an-hour away. I was in a fix when I read it because..OMG, the contents would be already spoilt. I called Pos Laju and ordered them to deliver it that very night. When I got it, I know straight away, the large fried prawns and mackerel fish were already wasted. However, I was really relieved and happy that the most important content, the BURAS, were still not spoilt. I ate one and kept the rest frozen for 2 weeks till Eidul Adha and finished them to the last bite!

A Promise Fulfilled.

Yes, a promise fulfilled. A small non-eastern delights for my sisters' family.  Next, a Bugis soto menu at Selandar, Melaka, Insya Allah.

Eidul Adha Celebration in Malaysia

Eidul Adha was celebrated by the Muslims around the world at the end of the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca of Saudi Arabia on Friday. It is also known as the major Eid or Eidul Akbar, commemorating the sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) had willingly made in his devotion to Allah. Instead of sacrifising his own son, Ismail, Allah had replaced Ismail with a ram.

This Eid celebration was quite low-key here at home as the holidays were not as long as the Eidul Fitr.
The Day began with a prayer which was held at 8 am sharp at the 'surau' in front of my house, followed by short sermon. After that, my husband and son sat down to small feast of lemang and rendang before they changed into their old clothes to join in the slaughtering of 8 cows. The cows  were tied to a few trees on an empty land near the 'surau'  a few days before the Eid Day.

A funny thing happened when one of the cows almost escaped when Wak untied it to graze on the grass growth nearby. Wak walked with a l…

I saw what you did at the Lake Gardens

This is a photo compilation of what people were doing at the Lake Garden on weekends. The Lake Garden serves as the green lung at the heart of the city and has attracted many ciy dwellers and tourists alike. There are so many things to see in the park: the deers, birds, butterflies, orchids, herbs, and other local and foreign plants. It's a great place to stroll and jog on weekend mornings because it is cool and calm. You all people living in KL or nearby, enjoy the nature and greenery of this park and what it has.     Many parts of the park are quiet during the weekend, especially early in the morning. It creates an  atmosphere which is cool, serene and beautiful. A suggestion, lay your pretty table spread on the park, spread out your breakfast and enjoy it with your loved ones! However, don't forget to keep the park clean after that. A dirty park is definitely an eyesore!

Hari Ko-kurikulum 2012 (Co-curricular Day)

It's done every year, this 'Hari Kokurikulum'. The basic objectives are mostly the same. However, this year also marked the Silver jubilee of SMK Taman Bukit Maluri. And I have been here since my first posting for a solid 21 years. Why do I stay here so long? Am I so comfortable here or too scared to move to another school? Both reasons are not wrong. This school has existed since 1987 and one of the KL schools which has a big field which is rare in KL. What did we have this time? The format was quite different from last year like having no competitions of sorts. We concentrated more on the jubilee part like presenting plaques to teachers serving 15 years and more in this school. We also had the fifth formers freeing cages of small birds instead of having balloons up there in the air. Food sales were still carried out but on a lesser scale and there were not many food varieties as clubs sold almost the same food. Let's have a look at the photos below. Sorry for the gl…

Map of my little travels

In almost half a decade, I travelled more in the country than outside of it. This year, I had successfully set foot on the soil of all the state capitals in Malaysia. I'm just a teacher whose income could only cover my own expenses when travelling abroad. When I travel, I love to travel with my big family because I want to share the funs and excitements of venturing into new places. Looking at the map, I have covered only a little part of the world which is nothing much. I plan to go out there as much as my pocket and physique can afford to. "Time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rolling". In a little bit more than 10 years, I will be sixty, Insya Allah and only Allah knows what my future holds for me.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.

Teapot Deli

I had been longing to eat the scones and pies at this cafe again since I went there last year. And after I tried it's sister outlet in PJ, I prefer this one although both have their own strengths. Actually, what attracted me to this place are it's delicious food, decor and cosy ambience. Just the best place to hang out and dream. If only it's located in a garden full of flowers, hmmm, it would be really, really beautiful.

Geography Lab yang lebih ceria

Hasil kerja tangan pelajar tingkatan 1 untuk PBS.  Satu permulaan yang menggalakkan di bawah bimbingan Pn. Suraya.

3 Hour Korean Tour

No matter how short your stay is in a certain country, you are considered to have touched its soil. And with that you can add it to the list of the countries you have gone to.

This was just a transit tour, something that I recommended any countries to include in their tourism program. It did killed boredom of having to wait more than 3 hours at the airport. Transit tours show us a sample of the sights and sounds of Korea by taking a short sightseeing tour of the city or countryside.