Eidul Adha Celebration in Malaysia

Eidul Adha was celebrated by the Muslims around the world at the end of the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca of Saudi Arabia on Friday. It is also known as the major Eid or Eidul Akbar, commemorating the sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) had willingly made in his devotion to Allah. Instead of sacrifising his own son, Ismail, Allah had replaced Ismail with a ram.

This Eid celebration was quite low-key here at home as the holidays were not as long as the Eidul Fitr.
The Day began with a prayer which was held at 8 am sharp at the 'surau' in front of my house, followed by short sermon. After that, my husband and son sat down to small feast of lemang and rendang before they changed into their old clothes to join in the slaughtering of 8 cows. The cows  were tied to a few trees on an empty land near the 'surau'  a few days before the Eid Day.

A funny thing happened when one of the cows almost escaped when Wak untied it to graze on the grass growth nearby. Wak walked with a limp and of course unable to catch up with the cow. Luckily, two neighbors passed his way and quickly blocked the cow with their vehicles. The cow was valued at almost RM2000!

8 cows were slaughtered that morning.

The meats were cut up into small pieces, weighed, then put into the plastic bags and distributed to the needy.
The women folk helped preparing the ingredients for cooking some of the meats.
 Making soup
Simple stir fry meat with turmeric
 The tasty soup is ready to be served
 Our lunch for the day.

The young boys were helping out with the washings
The adults cleaned the surau after the celebration.

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