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Kuala Sepetang on Day 1

The fishing village of Kuala Sepetang
The 2D1N trip last saturday went well but as we all know, 'Human plans but God decides'..This trip was organized by the Nature Club of my school and I, the teacher in-charge. We set off at 7.45 am from the school and arrived in Taiping at between 1 and 2 pm. We stopped at two R n R, Tapah and Bukit Gantang, two places which were not in the plan and I believed, it wasn't the students who wanted to eat (as they were already told to either take their breakfast at home or on the bus).

I'm seeing snake!

I went home late afternoon. After I offered my zohor and asr prayers, I went down to take some food as my stomach was pleading for food. Too early but what the heck, my last heavy meal was at 9 this morning. Then before attending my Nature society meeting, I finished the papaya cubes my daughter prepared for me from home.   A lazy lady's early dinner. Ayam brand hotTuna sandwiched between 2 crispy herbed french bread. I grilled them on olive oil sprayed pan. While eating, I remembered I have to take down the mature sour mangoes from the tree or the monkeys would beat me to them.  Almost a bagful later, I put down the plastic bag against the wood beams of what ah? I forget the word. At the mere mention of this fruit, your mouth would soon be filled with saliva. Then, I went to see my little herbs garden at the back of the house. Oh, the weather had been dry for many days and that could be seen on the quite parched herbs bed. Off I went to the water pipe and.. I let out a shriek!

Good Food of Hulu Terengganu and Coastal Pahang

Travelling and food are two good things in my life.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ K G.  T E L A G A,  K UA L A  B E R A N G
Freshwater fish are abundant in Hulu Terengganu. They are either farmed or breed naturally in the freshwater streams. 'Selera kampung' restaurants are mushrooming in this part of the world because the freshwater fish are in demand due to their low prices. Species like baung, sebarau, lampam, talapia, kelah are popular fish in the restaurants. They are either boiled, fried or grilled. However, it wasn't easy to find a good restaurant if you are not a local and sometimes recommendations by other people turned into disappointments as I have experienced. Therefore, I relied on the internet for information on good food outlets.

The fishermen at Pantai Balok in Beserah, Pahang

We reluctantly checked out of Kenyir Lake Resort at almost noon. No more this soothing, cool wind from the lake in the morning, the one reason for me to get up early on my stay there. Never mind if the resort standard is not 5-stars.

After a little bit more than 4 hours drive to the south towards Kuantan, through Kuala Berang-Muttaffiq Billah (KETENGAH headquarter) route, we checked into the Swiss-Garden Resort, which is located at Sg Karang, Pantai Balok in the District of Beserah. Now, between Kenyir Lake and Balok Beach, I prefer the former for its quietness and calmness.

Kenyir Lake Resort

We stayed at Kenyir Lake Resort for 3D2N which reservation we booked online. For those looking around the net for the pictures of the resort inside and outside will get a few help here. We stayed at one of the suites, linking one chalet to another with indoor corridor (hope you understand my term here hihi).

KL-Gua Musang-Tasik Kenyir Route and See Elephant Peeing

We are back at home after a 5-day away to the east coast for a back-to-nature vacation at Kenyir Lake in Terengganu and Balok Beach in Pahang. We did nothing physically stressing like jungle trekking or swimming. Just lounging and walking around the area, soaking in the beauty and quietness of nature and feeling in awe at God's creations.