I'm seeing snake!

I went home late afternoon. After I offered my zohor and asr prayers, I went down to take some food as my stomach was pleading for food. Too early but what the heck, my last heavy meal was at 9 this morning. Then before attending my Nature society meeting, I finished the papaya cubes my daughter prepared for me from home. 
 A lazy lady's early dinner. Ayam brand hotTuna sandwiched between 2 crispy herbed french bread. I grilled them on olive oil sprayed pan. While eating, I remembered I have to take down the mature sour mangoes from the tree or the monkeys would beat me to them.
 Almost a bagful later, I put down the plastic bag against the wood beams of what ah? I forget the word. At the mere mention of this fruit, your mouth would soon be filled with saliva. Then, I went to see my little herbs garden at the back of the house. Oh, the weather had been dry for many days and that could be seen on the quite parched herbs bed. Off I went to the water pipe and.. I let out a shriek!

There lying flat on the white tiles was a 4 feet long but 'slim' black snake with yellow 'crisscross lines' on it. The moment I shrieked, it quickly went under that big, white freezer. It was scared of me too. Ha ha ha. I threw a slipper to make it come out but the slipper got stuck under. I frantically posted an fb status asking whom to call to take away the snake. Meanwhile, the snake really took its time I thought it might be napping. I was able to contact the 911 no which connected my line to JPAM. They said they would came the soonest possible. Aiyya, the mosquitoes were wildly attacking me while two monkeys were doing fast a procreation project in which the female was so passive. The snake remained quiet.
Then, it reared its head and I shooed it back down there as the cats were playing nearby. 
 It went to the other side but I scared it to go under the freezer again. I wanted it to stay there until the JPAM men arrived. I had to keep an eye so it won't go anywhere I didn't know. The girl on the phone told me to watch from afar.
 Getting tired under the freezer, I didn't realized it had moved out to the grass. It surely glided fast. Trying to get the best shot, I focused and aimed but it was too fast for me. 
 It ran to the cempedak tree and I was terrified it would climbed up the tree. It looked as if it might. Fyi, I tried to call my neighbor but his phone wouldn't accept incoming calls. 

 It went under the wild plants and I kept myself away because I couldn't see it. It might suddenly sprang at me because, like I said, it moved very fast. At the same time, I kept updating my fb friends and they, with their advice.
At one time, it straightened its head so high(see the whitish grey pipe-like form against the green leaves?). The shiny dot was the effect of the camera flash on its eyes as it looked my way, 'seram!') and I knew it might be an ular tedong's offspring.  Actually, it was looking for a way to get away and finally got itself off through the square opening of the concrete wall. I was relieved but it was short term as I realized it might came again to visit us. I shuddered at the thought!

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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