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Charcoal Factory at Kg Dew, Kuala Sepetang, Day 2

I have been very busy lately, too busy update my blog. Considering that the trip to Kuala Sepetang was done two weeks ago, I need to record those moments before the facts fade away from my memory.

We settled in the 'nigh't before, after midnight. Me, after taking shower and everything (including wearing on the facial day cream so I could just wake up and slap on the UV and foundation creams..), went to sleep at around 2 am. Our room has air-condition but not the other 3 rooms.

The next morning, after the nasi lemak breakfast with fresh boiled cockles (given by a fisherman), we set off to a KOPERASI X (can't remember the name at this time) charcoal factory at Kg Dew.
The logs were brought in from the Kuala Sepetang mangrove area through the one-way water channel below