Charcoal Factory at Kg Dew, Kuala Sepetang, Day 2

I have been very busy lately, too busy update my blog. Considering that the trip to Kuala Sepetang was done two weeks ago, I need to record those moments before the facts fade away from my memory.

We settled in the 'nigh't before, after midnight. Me, after taking shower and everything (including wearing on the facial day cream so I could just wake up and slap on the UV and foundation creams..), went to sleep at around 2 am. Our room has air-condition but not the other 3 rooms.

The next morning, after the nasi lemak breakfast with fresh boiled cockles (given by a fisherman), we set off to a KOPERASI X (can't remember the name at this time) charcoal factory at Kg Dew.
The logs were brought in from the Kuala Sepetang mangrove area through the one-way water channel below

new kiln under construction

The board below showed the charcoal production schedule: M-K (masuk kayu= arrange the logs in the kiln), A-B (api besar= big fire), A-K (api kecil= small fire), T-A (tutup api= put out the fire), K-A (can't remember already). To carry out the burning and the amount of logs used, they need permit from the authority. They don't simply do it as they like. This is done to prevent over logging and ensure continuous supply of logs.

Above pic: first stage, logs are arranged in the kiln
Second stage: Burning of the logs with big fire
Third stage: Using small fire
Fourth stage: put out the fire
Holding the charcoal (above), the burnt bark(below)
The bagful of longer charcoals ready to be marketed.
Charcoal pieces are packed separately.
The rejects, the improperly burned logs

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


  1. Koperasi AZAM
    KA means Keluar Arang
    Good story about Kuala Sepetang TQVM

  2. Thanks for the info. Sayang no nite pictures sbb bateri phone dah kong! gambar kat floating chalet pulak
    bdk2 tu x upload lagi..


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