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16 june
...has flown from Los Angeles to Honolulu for 5 hours then waited for 4 hours for the next flight. From there, she boarded the Korean Airlines to Incheon for 9 hours and while in transit, is waiting to go on a 3 hour tour around Incheon. This is great..

...thinks the Disney's night show and Aladdin are really amazing! This version of Aladdin was funny and hilarious! The funniest character was the one on the left, the Genie, modern and technology savvy.

In the Tower of Terror going out to Disney for the whole day. Will come back late at nite.

15 June
....last accomodation in this part of the world is Ramada Plaza near Los Angeles Airport. After arriving here about 15 minutes ago, the first thing I do was googling for halal food outlets around this area.

Halal food is not a problem here. There are muslim communities scattered across the US.
15 June
.. last day in San Bruno/San Francisco. Will go to See store to buy it's lollipops and sweets that my childr…