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The Solemnization in Singapore

My only son is now married to the only daughter of Mr Jumahat and Kak Ani. She cried some tears before leaving our house after the KL reception which made me feel sorry for her. I quite understand her feelings but I wasn't good with words I didn't know how to comfort her. We just hugged each other and I hopefully know how to be a good MIL to her Yana. Sigh.
The marriage solemnization was held in Woodland, the home of the bride in Singapore on the night of 16th of December, 2012. We had the wedding in this month because we had to wait for Ismah to finish her major examination, SPM, on the 6th. My family were accompanied by my younger SIL's family and the children's grandmothers.
At the ground floor of the apartment building before going up to the bride's apartment

Up and About!

I have been to Sogo 4 days in a row! I bought things which later I found I didn't need them but something else. Like, I thought the simple cotton sateen bedsheet was the one more practical than the commonly used ruffle and lacy wedding bedsheet. And that, after paying it up 2 days ago! I had to go up to the 7th floor to enquire whether I could get my money back if I return it the next day since I had brought the wrong one to the store! I couldn't wait since there were only 3 sets left and they would be gone if I came back the next day. 'Yes, you can', they said. I was so happy my long face went back to square. My family has avoided me since I knew my son put the wrong one in the car boot. 
So, the bedsheet things was settled. I also had to buy one more 'bekas hantaran' which my daughter had been looking high and low in Shah Alam. It also couldn't be found in Sg Buloh stores. We found the rectangular form at Semua House but then we had problem with the round …