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I have been to Sogo 4 days in a row! I bought things which later I found I didn't need them but something else. Like, I thought the simple cotton sateen bedsheet was the one more practical than the commonly used ruffle and lacy wedding bedsheet. And that, after paying it up 2 days ago! I had to go up to the 7th floor to enquire whether I could get my money back if I return it the next day since I had brought the wrong one to the store! I couldn't wait since there were only 3 sets left and they would be gone if I came back the next day. 'Yes, you can', they said. I was so happy my long face went back to square. My family has avoided me since I knew my son put the wrong one in the car boot. 
So, the bedsheet things was settled. I also had to buy one more 'bekas hantaran' which my daughter had been looking high and low in Shah Alam. It also couldn't be found in Sg Buloh stores. We found the rectangular form at Semua House but then we had problem with the round one. The cake is going to be a nine-inch one and the one we have at home measures 5 inches. Not to waste much time, we choosed another, made of iron but still white in color. Aiyya, no one would notice the difference since it is going to be covered with flowers and ribbons. With our legs and feet tired, Tasneem and I still got the strength to step into another shopping center the City Plaza. There we found the non decorated white umbrellas. If time wasn't the factor, I would like to do more window shopping since there were so many things to stare at. Ha ha ha! I realized I haven't been to KL for eons and have been missing a lot of things. Walking past the TAR stores made me thinking of a new scarf to go with my new modern baju kurung (hey, no other style kah?). My daughters also had to buy theirs..When, ah?
Then, off we went to IKEA to look for chest of drawers to match the handed down bedroom set in the bridal room. Sad, they were out of stock and the new ones would only arrive in February. Yes, in the process we bought us a new dark set from the Fella store for a good price. A new gift for ourselves for our 29th anniversary! This drew exclamations from our kids, 'Untuk pengantin muda ke pengantin tua nih?!'. LOL. Why not? We bought a couple of new vases, a pot of live plant and candles for our bedroom. All were for us. For the future couple, wait ah? We would go again soon to buy the small clear vases to put in a couple of tulips to be put on your bedside tables. We won't forget the sweet smell candles and the candle holders, too. LOL.


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