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The Lazy Kueh

According to Wikipedia, "Kuih (also kuehkue, or kway; from Hokkien: 粿 koé) are bite-sized snack or dessert foods found in the Malay Archipelago as well as theSouthern China provinces of Fujian and Canton
Kuih is a fairly broad term which may include items that would be called cakescookiesdumplingspuddingbiscuit, or pastries in English and are usually made from rice or glutinous riceKuih are more often steamed than baked, and thus very different in texture, flavour and appearance from Western cakes or puff pastries. Many kuihs are sweet, but some are savory."
Well. I have just used wiki to help me explain what 'kueh' means. Lazy kueh is translated from the Malay word 'kuih malas' which terms come from the state of Kelantan. It's named as such because it's very simple to make. The more common name for it is 'cekodok' or 'cucur'. The nearest term in English is fritters.
My mother used to make it for our breakfast when we were sma…

Wallace Bay, you just got Lights!

Finally my kampung gets electricity! That means my mother's house will have a refrigerator which is greatly needed and we are able to switch on the lights whenever we want to. With the previous individual generator supplier, the lights were switched on at 6 pm till 11pm and then, the oil lamps would see us to the next dawn. Without constant supply, you cannot imagine how the kampung folks survived and dealt with food storage during the festival celebrations. My mother was really an expert on this. My children quite love this 'quiet' life of their mum's kampung and objected to their grandma's intention to move to the town.

Wallace Bay is located on the Malaysian part of the Island of Sebatik. The other part belongs to Indonesia. It is said that, there are houses which are built on the boundary making half part of the houses stand on the soil of either one of the countries. The shore of Wallace Bay as the boat is approaching the jetty at far right. The everglades at Se…

He's getting Married..

So.. The wedding is to take place after a nine month engagement period. The cards are out and a Facebook event is created. Most major things have been taken care of too. Across the causeway, heard that, they are almost done. Very efficient. It's still quiet here at the home of the bridegroom. We have to get things done NOW. No more talking, talking, I told my family. Ha ha ha. The bridegroom seems relaxed but who knows what he is thinking. I hope you are ready to say farewell to your bachelorhood. Let's take a look at him  beginning from almost 28 years ago. The pictures are taken from the album which has been neglected for such a long time which explains their blurriness. Instead of using scanners, I used my BB phone. I was a little choked when I went through the album and felt all my love for him then. How I miss the kisses, the cuddles and the hugs! When my son looked at the photos of himself, he told me his children will look cute like him. And went on to show why. LOL

No gift? No worry..

One more week before the long school holiday begins.

Most teachers are busy finishing their reports, closing the class registers, updating their many files, turning in the special room keys, checking stocks, doing the 'perancangan strategic' and other things listed in their 'senarai semak' forms. 

A few will be very busy for their wedding preparations or of their children, like, ehmm, ME. And I think, I heard a teacher sighing about many teachers getting hitched this year. This year, there are more than seven weddings, including the teachers' children. 

As for me, really, I'm not anticipating any wedding present, gift or money. I believe I'm the one who want to 'raikan' my relatives, neighbors and friends as stated in the 'sunnah'. So, if you have the time and health, I welcome you with wide, open arms to my home. So, don't worry about not bringing or giving anything, ok? I talked too much huh? Kad jemputanpun tak bagi lagi. Ha ha ha Seriou…

Shopping in Vietnam

Well, well, well....eventhough it had been ages since my visits to Vietnam ( I went in February and July) and had blogged about places I visited and food I had eaten, I haven't yet finish with my story. Not when I haven't talk about the thing I like most when visiting other places, shopping. Ok, at least for my record too since I'm bad in remembering the details of things.

I will buy things that are pretty and got reasonable prices. How reasonable they are? Depends on my wants. ha ha

I won't tell what I bought though but by looking at the pictures, you will quickly tell the things that went into my luggages. He he he

Don't go shopping during their New Year celebration because you will find that almost all shops are closed, especially the Benh Tanh market, which is said to be the biggest market in Ho Chi Minh City or maybe Vietnam, I don't know.