He's getting Married..

So.. The wedding is to take place after a nine month engagement period. The cards are out and a Facebook event is created. Most major things have been taken care of too. Across the causeway, heard that, they are almost done. Very efficient. It's still quiet here at the home of the bridegroom. We have to get things done NOW. No more talking, talking, I told my family. Ha ha ha. The bridegroom seems relaxed but who knows what he is thinking. I hope you are ready to say farewell to your bachelorhood.
Let's take a look at him  beginning from almost 28 years ago. The pictures are taken from the album which has been neglected for such a long time which explains their blurriness. Instead of using scanners, I used my BB phone. I was a little choked when I went through the album and felt all my love for him then. How I miss the kisses, the cuddles and the hugs! When my son looked at the photos of himself, he told me his children will look cute like him. And went on to show why. LOL

 A few days after he was born in January, 1984.."Anak abang..", he muttered to himself  as if he couldn't believed it. Yeah, I still remember his words.

At 2 months old
When he was 5 months

His 'superman' studio photo was taken in summer 84
9 months
10 months
At  Stillwater, Oklahoma 1985

March 1986 in front of the Stillwater mosque.
Spring 1986 in Manhattan, Kansas
2 years +  then in Spring 1986

At  2 1/2 years in Fall 1986

At 2 years plus..Still in toilet training years.

When we went back to Malaysia during the 1985 summer holidays. 

At the Oklahoma Zoo in 1985

At 5 years old when his sister was just born

At Ulu Klang Zoo when he was, maybe, 6 years old.

Graduated from Tadika Kemas at Setapak in 1990. We lived at Wangsa then.
Cant figure out when was this but we were already living at Sr Damansara. Maybe he was 10 years old because the baby was Nirah.

The picture was taken in Singapore when he was almost 12 years old.
 Langkawi 2009

Kampung tepi sungai 2010
Raya 2011


  1. Experienced snow during childhood days!!! I envy him! Neway congrats

  2. He is such a lovely brother. And a very nice office mate. And handsome too! - Rusila DBA


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