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Flavorful Big Brother, Kota Damansara

Not to be confused with The Brothers the digital company. This is a western food outlet with generous servings and in affordable prices. As the title of this entry indicates, they dish out grills and chops full of herbal aroma. I haven't bake chicken for a long time that I have forgotten the name of the strong herb in the first dish that was served. Rosemary, I guess. We went there to give Madia the treat on her 24th birthday. Happy birthday, my most vocal, 3rd child! Love ya.

Pontian-Singapore-Melaka Trip

It is almost a week since we came back from Singapore school excursion which was organised by the BM society and Nature Club. Time really flies.
We set off on friday afternoon in two buses after the school cross country event had finished, with 88 people including 8 teachers. I was late by half an hour and the bus started to roar as I reached school at 12.30. He he.

A fruitful stop at Dong

I went back to Tumpat for 2N3D last week. I brought back with me the 3 gadgets that I couldn't part with for even a day, and some books to be marked. Only a daughter joined us after much persuasion for the reason that she is a very good company to her grandmother. And I'm not..