Pontian-Singapore-Melaka Trip

It is almost a week since we came back from Singapore school excursion which was organised by the BM society and Nature Club. Time really flies.
We set off on friday afternoon in two buses after the school cross country event had finished, with 88 people including 8 teachers. I was late by half an hour and the bus started to roar as I reached school at 12.30. He he.

Our main destination was the UNiversal Studio in Singapore or better known as USS. On the way we stopped by the Nilai toll to collect the online USS tickets from Puan Rosmaniza Abdul Rahman who was able to print only 33 tickets and we had to collect the remaining 52 in Singapore.
In the itinerary, Tg Piai was the next stop but unfortunately we reached there after the sun had set.  The national park had closed for the day. The ride through Pontian was a bouncy one and therefore the bus had to slow down resulting in that late arrival. Pontian provided beautiful sceneries especially the fishermen villages along the few small rivers flowing out to the sea. But alas, I couldnt take any pictures as the bus was moving too fast.
Pn. Tan and I being the geography teachers, were delighted to see the vast pineapple plantation along the road.
P  O  N  T  I  A  N

 T  A  N  J  U  N  G      P  I  A  I

 Tired faces of the students waiting for their food. Imagine 88 people thronged the restaurant to eat. A few finally didn't eat because their order never came. Two resorted to eating maggi in the cup. The students were patient lots.
We checked into the hotel at around midnite but it was a breezy procedure. However, they were able to wake up early the next morning for the trip across the causeway at 7 am.. Since the hotel is located very near the second link, we went that way and reached the USS very early at 9 am. We had the place to ourselves since there were very few people around.

 One of the two rides I took..My head throbbed and had to refuse the roller coaster they called...erm..

In front of Amansari Hotel, Johor Bahru after checking out of the hotel. We went off our way to JPO by 9.30.

 At 12.30 ( I made them people waited for me) we made our way to Melaka..
And eating the assam pedas for lunch which cost me about RM20. Some students went to Jonker Street to savour Chicken Rice Ball which they insisted as very delicious.
 After a swift window shopping, we took to the road back to KL.. Again, I was the last one to board on the bus. He he.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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