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Rivers of Memories



Big and small. Sg. Perak, Sg. Bernam, Sg. Sarawak, Sg. Muda, Sg. Golok, Sg. Chao Phraya. Can you guess which one is which? Will add some more if I come across another pictures in my album or passing any river during my travel to somewhere.
I kinda like the phrase 'rivers of memories'. But I'm not a good writer. Not even a good photographer. I depend on my wonderful children for getting me good pictures.
The rivers are where the earliest world civilisations began. Remember the Great Niles? Or the Land between the Two Rivers, the Mesopothamia. And the Indus Valley, the location of the great ancient cities Mohenjo Daro - Harappa. Not forgetting the Mighty Hwang He. Great history and geography lesson, also one of the favourite test items in the geography paper.

Hutan Melintang

Wow..never seen this kind of 'fishing port' before. Why didn't they mention it in the text book? Look. It's bigger than Tumpat (it's called pusat perikanan but I haven't seen any active fishing activities in my almost 28 years of marriage to a local Tumpatian). It is even bigger than Tawau, my fishing hometown which definitely fits the pusat perikanan status.

It is Hutan Melintang, a place we 'ronda-ronda' before and after we sent our daughter to her hostel in Bagan Datoh.
Mind you, the boats that berthed there are not like the ones in Tawau. There are big! I might say, a small ship. Ships that are use for deep water fishing. Unfortunately for me, I did not bring any camera to take pics of the big jetty.
My hubby brought a container in case we got there early enough to buy the freshly hauled fish. But no luck. Anyway, I was thankful as I was thinking ' I'm not going to cook this week, pls..'
OK, we are going to another place, a market somewhe…