Hutan Melintang

Wow..never seen this kind of 'fishing port' before. Why didn't they mention it in the text book? Look. It's bigger than Tumpat (it's called pusat perikanan but I haven't seen any active fishing activities in my almost 28 years of marriage to a local Tumpatian). It is even bigger than Tawau, my fishing hometown which definitely fits the pusat perikanan status.

It is Hutan Melintang, a place we 'ronda-ronda' before and after we sent our daughter to her hostel in Bagan Datoh.

Mind you, the boats that berthed there are not like the ones in Tawau. There are big! I might say, a small ship. Ships that are use for deep water fishing. Unfortunately for me, I did not bring any camera to take pics of the big jetty.

My hubby brought a container in case we got there early enough to buy the freshly hauled fish. But no luck. Anyway, I was thankful as I was thinking ' I'm not going to cook this week, pls..'

OK, we are going to another place, a market somewhere in Bagan Datoh, said he. It should be there, taking a turn towards an unfamiliar road. It was a straight road and it leads to anywhere but the fish market. We drove along the seaside passing palm oil plantation sandwiching small banana farms with or without coconut trees shading them. At one point, rows of small bakau trees lined the sea..I think. Here is the Hutan Paya Bakau I remembered teaching to my students last week.

We drove on and on and around few potholes on the quiet road. fish market in sight. I just enjoyed and appreciating the agricultural scenery, taking it all in. Proud that we still 'berbudi pada tanah'.

Looking at the Garmin GPS, I noticed that Sg. Bernam was on the right side. So, we had been going around Bagan Datoh. Reaching the junction, we took the direction to Sabak Bernam and home.


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