A fruitful stop at Dong

I went back to Tumpat for 2N3D last week. I brought back with me the 3 gadgets that I couldn't part with for even a day, and some books to be marked. Only a daughter joined us after much persuasion for the reason that she is a very good company to her grandmother. And I'm not..

We left home at 6.35 am and on the way, dropped by the Selayang wholesale market to get the ikan gelama pekasam for the old lady. When he came back, he brought along the stinky fishy smell of the market with him. I told him to wear an overcoat the next time he goes there as I couldn't breathe. The smell just indicates the rate of cleanliness of this place.

20 years back, the KL-Raub route was a narrow and  winding one which left me breathless for fear of plunging into the deep ravines below. We would be flashing the car lights to warn the driver from the opposite lane who might be coming around the sharp corner.
Now it is a breezy matter and and we reached Raub in a few hours. Looking for a place to have breakfast, we drove till we got out of the city limit.  Then we noticed a concentration of vehicles along the road. We slowed down and saw a pasar sehari. There must be good food somewhere. Parking was difficult but we managed to find a space along the main road.

Pekan Dong is just a small place. We didn't wander far into the market after having kelantanese dishes at a restaurant nearby although I was curious to know what these kampung folks were selling. I was one who like to try something new, especially food. But all I bought was a kg of ..I dont know whether it was duku langsat or langsat or dokong. They look the same except the size. Once I had eaten it in the car, I regretted myself for not buying more. This luscious fruit was thick and tasted fresh from the tree. As far as I remember, I had never tasted one like this before. Even my MIL mentioned that its kind was not available there in Tumpat.
We hit to the road again and before long, after-meal drowsiness came over me and swept me to la-la land.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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