Shopping in Vietnam

Well, well, well....eventhough it had been ages since my visits to Vietnam ( I went in February and July) and had blogged about places I visited and food I had eaten, I haven't yet finish with my story. Not when I haven't talk about the thing I like most when visiting other places, shopping. Ok, at least for my record too since I'm bad in remembering the details of things.

I will buy things that are pretty and got reasonable prices. How reasonable they are? Depends on my wants. ha ha

I won't tell what I bought though but by looking at the pictures, you will quickly tell the things that went into my luggages. He he he

Don't go shopping during their New Year celebration because you will find that almost all shops are closed, especially the Benh Tanh market, which is said to be the biggest market in Ho Chi Minh City or maybe Vietnam, I don't know.

Peniaga lelaki muda ini fasih berbahasa Melayu

Dia letih! Minta kurangpun tak mau!

I bought bags here which they sell double the price at one Shah Alam kiosk.


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