No gift? No worry..

One more week before the long school holiday begins.

Most teachers are busy finishing their reports, closing the class registers, updating their many files, turning in the special room keys, checking stocks, doing the 'perancangan strategic' and other things listed in their 'senarai semak' forms. 

A few will be very busy for their wedding preparations or of their children, like, ehmm, ME. And I think, I heard a teacher sighing about many teachers getting hitched this year. This year, there are more than seven weddings, including the teachers' children. 

As for me, really, I'm not anticipating any wedding present, gift or money. I believe I'm the one who want to 'raikan' my relatives, neighbors and friends as stated in the 'sunnah'. So, if you have the time and health, I welcome you with wide, open arms to my home. So, don't worry about not bringing or giving anything, ok? I talked too much huh? Kad jemputanpun tak bagi lagi. Ha ha ha Seriously, the cards will only be ready next week, thanks to the very 'efficient' effort of my son. :(. And to my daughter and her friends, Salas and Akim, thank you for seeing it to the printer. You are awesome!


  1. sibuk dgn laporan LDP~ minggu depan masih ada mesyuarat di PPD....:(

  2. nih masih2 terkapai2 nk buat perancangan strategik yg xramai nk bacapun..


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