The Solemnization in Singapore

My only son is now married to the only daughter of Mr Jumahat and Kak Ani. She cried some tears before leaving our house after the KL reception which made me feel sorry for her. I quite understand her feelings but I wasn't good with words I didn't know how to comfort her. We just hugged each other and I hopefully know how to be a good MIL to her Yana. Sigh.
The marriage solemnization was held in Woodland, the home of the bride in Singapore on the night of 16th of December, 2012. We had the wedding in this month because we had to wait for Ismah to finish her major examination, SPM, on the 6th. My family were accompanied by my younger SIL's family and the children's grandmothers.
At the ground floor of the apartment building before going up to the bride's apartment

Listening to the preaching on marriage responsibilities..
The bride's signature
Marriage solemnization ' I accept..'

Looking deeply earnest
Signing the marriage contract
Happy and relieved
I wonder what the DFIL said to him
For Aman
After the marriage solemnization, the groom went to meet the bride in her room.
The dowry which is must from the groom to his bride.

Yana requested a gold bracelet, which I bought in KB

May Allah bless their future together.
Congratulations, DS..
'Salam' the grandmothers

Kissing the hands of DFIL
Hugs from DF
'salam'ing DMIL

The grooms's extended family 
Groom's sisters

Waiting to go back to the hotel. With the groom but minus the bride. 


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