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16 june
...has flown from Los Angeles to Honolulu for 5 hours then waited for 4 hours for the next flight. From there, she boarded the Korean Airlines to Incheon for 9 hours and while in transit, is waiting to go on a 3 hour tour around Incheon. This is great..

...thinks the Disney's night show and Aladdin are really amazing!
This version of Aladdin was funny and hilarious! The funniest character was the one on the left, the Genie, modern and technology savvy.

In the Tower of Terror going out to Disney for the whole day. Will come back late at nite.

15 June
....last accomodation in this part of the world is Ramada Plaza near Los Angeles Airport. After arriving here about 15 minutes ago, the first thing I do was googling for halal food outlets around this area.

Halal food is not a problem here. There are muslim communities scattered across the US.

15 June
.. last day in San Bruno/San Francisco. Will go to See store to buy it's lollipops and sweets that my children love.
14 June
...likes the cool windy weather in San Francisco. Jalan-jalan di Fishermen's Wharfs dan rasa ketam rebusnya.

We didn't eat much here because we wanted to try the lobsters near the motel we stayed in, later that night. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. 


12 June
..travelled abt 60 km passing the Silicon Valley to Gilroy Premium Outlet. On the way, my nose itched, my eyes watered and I felt like sneezing.. It returned to normal after a few minutes. It happened again when we returned after a Chinese muslim dinner at Cupertino, 40+ km away. I thought I was going to fall sick.

 The Gilroy Outlet where we bought more handbags, shoes, kids clothes etc
Ismah also found the shoes she liked and her size, too.
Kalau di Malaysia, susah nak cari kasut of her size.

At Fatima Restaurant, Cupertino (where Apple Computer is). I wondered why we travelled so far to this place. It's halfway between Gilroy and San Francisco

..had, for the first time in her life, a real american breakfast of vegetable omelette and a big waffle served with big strawberries and a generous serving of whipped cream. So heavenly! 

11 June
..visited the InfoComm2010, said to be the largest pro-Audio Visual market place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I'm really amazed at the new technologies such as interactive whiteboards and multi touch that could produce powerful teaching and learning environment in 
 the classroom. 

Kalaulah sekolah mampu beli....

Last day of convention. Orang tak begitu ramai
.....eats pizza with salad tonite. Alas, the pizzaman has forgotten to give the dressing for the salad which however tasted fresh. First time I eat raw button mushroom..


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