KL-Gua Musang-Tasik Kenyir Route and See Elephant Peeing

We are back at home after a 5-day away to the east coast for a back-to-nature vacation at Kenyir Lake in Terengganu and Balok Beach in Pahang. We did nothing physically stressing like jungle trekking or swimming. Just lounging and walking around the area, soaking in the beauty and quietness of nature and feeling in awe at God's creations.

We didn't jog as we usually did on our previous holidays in part because I thought of my double-standardness, "I don't constantly exercise at home, why should I, here?". I should, though, exercise regularly to alleviate a few problems that have started to worry me like feeling lethargic, having stiff limbs and slow heart rhythm. Being a PE teacher does a little bit of wonder because it makes me move a lot, thanks to my forgetfulness.


Back to our trip. A lot of thanks to my other half and I do feel a little guilty, for driving us around and of course, our source of finance.

K E N Y I R   L A K E

There are three routes from KL to Kenyir: KL-Gua Musang-Kenyir, KL-Jabor-Kuala Berang-Kenyir and KL-Coastal Highway. Using the gps (so ever-helpful and useful), we took the never-taken KL-Gua Musang-Kenyir route. We drove past the Gua Musang town towards Kota Bharu until a half-hour later, we reached the exit to Felda Aring, on the right. More than half of this plantation road is in bad condition that I don't recommend you driving at night for fear of having your vehicles send to the workshops or you to the hospitals. Fortunately, the Terengganu road condition is very good which looks more like a highway and it was quiet. It took us 2 hours to reach Pengkalan Gawi, Kenyir from the Aring exit. This amount of time included a few stops along the highway to view the Lake and a half-an-hour stop at the small Kuala Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary.

 Felda Aring, Kelantan. See the potholes?

 Entering Terengganu at Hulu Terengganu. The blue signage, I think tells us we were at the border between Kelantan and Terengganu.
 Kuala Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary. This teenage elephant had just emptied his bladder and I couldn't believe my eyes at the sheer amount of 'water' coming out through his big pipe. Look at his poos besides his legs.

   I only videotaped the second half of the action because we just didn't expect it. We were taken by surprise. We didn't go near either as we didn't want to be sprayed by them. The elephants were playful and one of them would dunk her trunk into the tank of water and sprayed at us. Looking at their restless movements made us joked about them. Anybody moving like that we are going to call them jumbo or elephant. Hahahah!
 Travellers will see this on the left side of the road. Drivers usually overlook this unless they drive at a slower speed but they can turn back. Be careful, though, of lorries carrying truckload of logs. Look at the map above to locate the elephant sanctuary. It's just near the lake.
A view of the lake from the side of the 'highway'. 
The exit to the Lake is on the right side of the road/highway


  1. Hanya pernah pergi sekali dulu..dah lama mungkin 20++ thn dulu!Byk perubahannya bila tengok gambar-gambar di post ini...

    1. Yeke? ini pertama kali saya pergi.. Anak2 dan suami pernah pergi pada tahun berbelas tahun yang lepas.

  2. Yes the road conditions as you enter Felda Aring from Gua Musang is atrocious and the worse part have stayed that way for a number of years already without anybody taking any actions to repair it. Also as you leave Felda Aring08 and up to the Sg/Kuala Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary and several km after that, the road is reasonably pleasant with nice sceneries. After that onwards to Pengakalan Gawi, Kenyir Lake, the road is full of large and deep potholes that will certainly damaged your vehicles if you do not slow down to almost dead stop and drive your car to avoid these potholes which are spread over many km. I wonder why the authorities failed to take actions to overcome these potholes. If not for the 2 stretches of bad road, I had a nice drive returning from Kuala Terengganu via Pengakalan Sg. Chomo. Pengkalan Gawi both at Kenyir Lake back to Ipoh via Felda Aring, Gua Musang, Cameron Highlands and down to Simpang Pulai and Ipoh yeterday, a jouney of about 427km from Kuala Terengganu It took about 4 hours 20 minutes or so from Pengkalan Gawi to Simpang Pulai with rain falling halfway down the highlands to Simpang Pulai. I stopped at Pengkalan Sg. Choma for afew hours from Kuala Terengganu.Pengkalan Sg. Chomo or Como is a new Dept of Fisheries fresh water fish aquaculture centre at Kenyir Lake. It is under Ketua Daerah Perikanan Hulu Terengganu, Encik Jamlus Mohd Nor, a STAROBA member (old boy of batch 77). Like me a STAROBA member of batch 69. Small world! I went there to show him and the entrepreneurs there Zon Mk.4 Pest Animal and Bird Scarer as I heard that there was an acute problem of pest otters(The otters were large, I was told), stealing fish from the nets of the aquaculture farm pontoon. I demonstrated ZON Mk.4 and showed how it will effectively scare and not kill the otters away by the loud blast Zon gives out at set time intervals once domestic LPG is connected to Zon. Everybody seems happy with Zon Mk.4 and what it can do.


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