Good Food of Hulu Terengganu and Coastal Pahang

Travelling and food are two good things in my life.

K G.  T E L A G A,  K UA L A  B E R A N G

Freshwater fish are abundant in Hulu Terengganu. They are either farmed or breed naturally in the freshwater streams. 'Selera kampung' restaurants are mushrooming in this part of the world because the freshwater fish are in demand due to their low prices. Species like baung, sebarau, lampam, talapia, kelah are popular fish in the restaurants. They are either boiled, fried or grilled. However, it wasn't easy to find a good restaurant if you are not a local and sometimes recommendations by other people turned into disappointments as I have experienced. Therefore, I relied on the internet for information on good food outlets.

Kuala, the meeting of two rivers. Kuala Berang is located here. 
Countryside menu or "Selera Kampung" restaurant in Kampung Telaga, Kuala Berang. Very famous one. 
 The gravy will only be poured on the fish when we ordered.
The special gravy for the freshwater fish left simmering on the stove.
 The popular lunch menu
 various kerabu (salads), selom, mango and the cow's stomach.
Ikan Sebarau

 Ikan lampam
 Ikan baung
 Raw vegetables or ulam:  selom, raja, pucuk daun gajus, petai, eaten with budu

T AN J U N G   L U M P U R,   K U A N T A N

Tanjung Lumpur is one popular location for seafood menus especially grilled fish. The menu below were from Restoran Ikan Bakar Petai Ana at Tanjung Lumpur. The fish cooked here are saltwater fish. The names of a few fish are quite alien to me but are famous with the locals here.  Restoran Ana was really crowded the friday night we ate there which it wasn't the night before (as mentioned by its worker). Another popular restaurant is Pak Su Seafood which serves Chinese cooking to cater to the Chinese customers. It is located on the main road, Jalan Beserah. We also tried the western food here after getting tired of the 'kampung' and Thai dishes but they didn't match up to our tastebuds.

 Batter fried squid or Sotong goreng tepung. I told them not to overfry the squid or else they would be tough and chewy.
 Spicy lala
Grilled fish with petai or Ikan bakar petai. I was overwhelmed by its spiciness.


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