The fishermen at Pantai Balok in Beserah, Pahang

We reluctantly checked out of Kenyir Lake Resort at almost noon. No more this soothing, cool wind from the lake in the morning, the one reason for me to get up early on my stay there. Never mind if the resort standard is not 5-stars.

After a little bit more than 4 hours drive to the south towards Kuantan, through Kuala Berang-Muttaffiq Billah (KETENGAH headquarter) route, we checked into the Swiss-Garden Resort, which is located at Sg Karang, Pantai Balok in the District of Beserah. Now, between Kenyir Lake and Balok Beach, I prefer the former for its quietness and calmness.

 The part of the resort facing the sea
 The sand is quite soft and the beach is well taken care of by the resort management.
 I was lucky and excited to have spotted this in the early morning when I decided to have an early breakfast. You know, I searched the internet a few years ago for this traditional method of fishing in Malaysia but to no avail. I thought this one was a gimmick to authenticate this part of the world as a fishing village but I don't know that for sure. The young guy's face seemed fresh and had not darkened. I wanted to squeeze information out of him because I was very curious about it but time didn't permit. I did ask a question, "do you have fish there in the net?" He answered yes but not confidently. 
 This on-shore fish catching method is using 'pukat tarik', involving 4 or more fishermen.

The most common plant found on the beach, bunga 'tapak kuda' (horse foot print?)
Well, it wasn't sunny all day. The weather does change as it is one of the characteristics of the Malaysian tropical climate. The low, dark and big rainclouds loomed over the area late in the evening.
As I left the beach, more people gathered there watching the fishermen in action.


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