Kenyir Lake Resort

We stayed at Kenyir Lake Resort for 3D2N which reservation we booked online. For those looking around the net for the pictures of the resort inside and outside will get a few help here. We stayed at one of the suites, linking one chalet to another with indoor corridor (hope you understand my term here hihi).

The lobby of the resort where you do your check-ins and check-outs, dining and indoor recreations. The resort provides outdoor recreations which you may inquire at the recreation office in this building. If you want cheaper costs, you can make a survey at the Gawi Jetty where a few people connected to the service provider will ask you whether you want to rent a boat to visit the places of attractions around the Kenyir Lake. I didn't go anywhere because I didn't want to pay RM300 perboat of 6 ( I went with my family) to a place with just having a school of kelah to 'nibble' your feet. If I could do or see many things there, I would surely go.
The view from the foyer of the lobby.
The restaurant. The foods for breakfast are quite ok. They have the usual Malaysian breakfast menu minus the roti canai, breads and danish pastries, cereals and porridge, sausages and beef bacon. Omelette is quickly made upon request. Alas, my favorite, the salads are not available. I know a few guests had complained about the lack of varieties on the internet but given the small space I have in my stomach, the variety is not an issue. I suggested you have your breakfast early to experience the cool windy morning here.

 The buggy transporting the guests around. All vehicles are parked at the parking bays near the entrance which is manned by two guards. The guests are required to call "0" or "3" when they need the service. This transportation service operates 24/7 or round-the-clock

The corridor connecting the two chalets
The balcony facing the lake. It was very nice sitting here early in the morning because there is cool wind blowing from the lake.

The wind blowing from from the lake is cool and fresh.
 The hilly resort is best for jogging and walking exercises.

 I thought of reporting this to the management during our checkout but I totally forgot about it. It will be dangerous to whoever it is especially unsupervised young children. There are other deficiencies but I will rather not tell you here. This is quite an old resort but the physical cons in a nature setting lend it to a rustic appearance.


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