Teapot Deli

I had been longing to eat the scones and pies at this cafe again since I went there last year. And after I tried it's sister outlet in PJ, I prefer this one although both have their own strengths. Actually, what attracted me to this place are it's delicious food, decor and cosy ambience. Just the best place to hang out and dream. If only it's located in a garden full of flowers, hmmm, it would be really, really beautiful.

The teapots, sitting prettily on the shelves and the latest English magazines on the bottom shelf to flip through while savoring the delicate scones and trifles. That's it if you want to be alone. A place like this should be enjoyed with your loved ones since it gives you the feeling of cosiness and happiness (to me la..it might not be for others).

The paintings on the wall lend a feeling of homeliness

The chicken pies
Delectable scones and dainty chicken pies
Quiches is RM1.50 each
Puff pastry

This set of scones is RM5
That's the mushroom soup which doesn't feel like coming from the cans. RM5 a bowl.
Salmon Pie with its delectable flavor without being overwhelming. RM17 a piece.

This breaded chicken is not that outstanding and I'd rather not order it next time.
The roast chicken which is about RM17, I think. I love its tenderness although it's not juicy. The flavor is not overwhelming.

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