3 Hour Korean Tour

No matter how short your stay is in a certain country, you are considered to have touched its soil. And with that you can add it to the list of the countries you have gone to.

This was just a transit tour, something that I recommended any countries to include in their tourism program. It did killed boredom of having to wait more than 3 hours at the airport. Transit tours show us a sample of the sights and sounds of Korea by taking a short sightseeing tour of the city or countryside.

I have known Korea because of Winter Sonata which I watched over and over till I almost 'destroyed' my friend's cd but fortunately, she had another copy, probably the original one. I have watched the other seasonal drama series of Endless Love like Summer Scent, Autumn in my Heart but not  Spring Waltz, all borrowed from this friend who was quite crazy with Bae Yong Joon. But I'm not as crazy as her of this man, who were idolised by the Japanese aunties. He started what the media said, the Hanryu Waves, the significant increase in the popularity of the South Korean entertainment in Asia. However, I stopped watching his dramas after that because I resented him acting in one particular movie, which was definitely under the X-rated category. Anyway, I don't watch movies nowadays.
Back to 3-hour Korea two years ago. It was in June summer, hot and humid, just like the weather in Malaysia. At least, that was what I felt at the airport. And my feet were swelling due to hours of sitting in the plane from Hawaii. But I was happy. We went to the airport desk and booked ourselves an Incheon City tour. There were more than five of us (including another malaysian indian) in the group and we toured two places which were the Sinpo Market and Wolmi Traditional Park where we saw some traditional Korean house built for the aristocrats.  We boarded a ferry to Wolmido and on the way,  we fed the seagulls crackers given to us by our guide.

Guessing where we were going to. I couldnt understand why we didnt ask our guide. haha
When we arrived, we boarded on a ferry to go across to Wolmido IslandOur guide seen here distributing the snacks..to feed the birds. 

After that, the ferry turned back to the shore and we got back on the bus for the next stop.
Traditional Korean house representing a typical Bukchon house where aristocratic families lived

I cant remember if our guide showed us how to play this.
The kitchen
What's that Jane?
See how they heated the house?

A well near the vegetable plot

 I think many cultures/countries do have this kind of game. My husband played it very well as he used to, when he was a kampung kid in Tumpat.

 After touring the house interior, we wondered outside into an area where they got a vegetable plot. Apparently, every house then had a plot of land surrounding the house for growing vegetables.
I would like to have a small stream meandering nearby my house. 

 This place was beautifully designed.. for the tourists. It was pleasant to have a walk here

 The chinatown in Incheon city
The market.

 Going back to the airport for the departure to KL

Will do more updates on this..

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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