Hari Ko-kurikulum 2012 (Co-curricular Day)

It's done every year, this 'Hari Kokurikulum'. The basic objectives are mostly the same. However, this year also marked the Silver jubilee of SMK Taman Bukit Maluri. And I have been here since my first posting for a solid 21 years. Why do I stay here so long? Am I so comfortable here or too scared to move to another school? Both reasons are not wrong. This school has existed since 1987 and one of the KL schools which has a big field which is rare in KL. What did we have this time? The format was quite different from last year like having no competitions of sorts. We concentrated more on the jubilee part like presenting plaques to teachers serving 15 years and more in this school. We also had the fifth formers freeing cages of small birds instead of having balloons up there in the air. Food sales were still carried out but on a lesser scale and there were not many food varieties as clubs sold almost the same food. Let's have a look at the photos below. Sorry for the gloomy looks of the bb pictures although they were already edited.

Celebrating the 25th year of existence..
 After the students' attendance were taken on the field, the students settled themselves at Dataran Maluri. The event started off with the marches performed by the uniformed units.
 A cheque presentation ceremony to an orphanage which was a new agenda this year.
 "We're here that longgg?"

 Time capsule to be buried

Cages of small pigeons
Is it a pigeon?
 Awards & certificates presentations: Best male and female Co-curricular Awards

Event participants from outside the school. Kissing snakes (I saw 2 snakes in the cages) thrill

Our dedicated Master of Ceremonies
 The awards committee

F O O D   S A L E S 

 NATURE SOCIETY..I prepared/cooked the pasta sauce and the pasta was all sold out :)), more than 100 bowls but the sandwich tuna filling had a lot more left. Other clubs were also selling sandwiches.



Domino Pizzas 
 Students milling around 
 Our dedicated school helper

The activities finished by 12 noon but I already went off to Crystal Crown for food tasting.....

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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