December 2016 in Iran

Day 10 - Day 12, December 2016  in IRAN

Day 10 will see us at Kashan, Iran, 3 hours ride from the airport. Bijan came to pick us up at 6.30 am but there is not enough space for all the luggage so we left 3 large ones at the airport.

(Flashback at Kashan, Iran on Day 10 of my trip. Fb is not allowed in Iran so I wasn't able to post many photos. We used instagram instead).

From the IKA, it took about 2 hours to reach Kashan.
The major attraction here is the historic house of the affluent Tabatabei family, built for 10 years in 1880's. The present generation lives in Europe. They were carpet businessmen.
The house has 40 rooms, 4 courtyards, 4 basements and 3 windwards.
We also visited the Fin Garden which is the oldest garden in Iran. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco

Day 11 at Esfahan. The phone camera couldn't capture the real beautiful blue color of this persian crafts. So intricate, and so detailed. They are worth the prices tagged.

It was a public holiday and most tourist attractions were closed but several shops at the Imam Square were open.

However short is your stay in Iran, Isfahan is a must-go-to place to see the cultural architecture of grand buildings be it mosques or palaces. Isfahan was once the center of the Safavid dynasty in the 17th century, which was as great if not more, as the Ottoman empire.
Zayanderud River flowed through Isfahan till about 10 years ago when it dried up due to drought and environmental mismanagement. In fact Iran is facing a water crisis, according to the media.
As usual, when we travel, we woke up early but somehow that day we were quite was a public holiday and the places we wanted to see were closed, so much for not thinking at all about this kind of matter..take note of this mr. Bijan Eftekhari 🙂 so you might help your future clients in their decision making.
It wasnt such a big thing anyway as we were still able to enjoy our time in this small part of the city, at least, the cold weather which I preferred more than the hot summer. I imagined that Iran would be filled with chador-clad women but it wasn't.
We didnt explore around the city as by early afternoon we needed to move on to Teheran. All I can say is that we have stepped foot in Isfahan, and that it was more to touch and go thingy 😄

Day 12 in Teheran. Our holiday finally ended on Day 12 in Teheran. I was told there was nothing much to see in this capital of Iran which has about 12 million population. Nothing? This megalopolis which is located on a valley surrounded by mountains have not yet put tourism in the forefront of their economic activities. Not just Teheran but other cities as well. Old buildings, historical places are still under maintained. The opposite of Turkey.
Pollution is bad, the grey matter almost covered the city from our view high up on the Milad Tower. Traffic jam is bad in some parts, vehicles almost occupied every space on the road. Oh God..protect the Iranian drivers and their passengers. Haha Somehow, I guess it makes them very good drivers, like ours who could pull off the narrow tricky lanes between the old buildings.
We were supposed to visit the Tochal mountains but time didnt permit it as I also wanted to spend more time at the bazaar. Instead of the Grand Bazaar, we went to Tajrish, where locals frequented (thanks to Roziah Hanim). You see, in every country we go, I make sure that we go to their market. That is the place you shall find out what they eat, what they put in their cooking, right?
Bijan Eftekhari, shall love it if you can give info about some of the photos..

All of the above are postings from my fb. I will upload the pictures when I have the patience to wait. It takes a long time just to download the pictures in iphoto.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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