Cafe Jiran, Kuang

Copying from my fb post, these are my comments on the newly opened Cafe Jiran in Kuang.

"Trying out the menus at the new Jiran cafe at Jln Melati, Kuang. The atmosphere was more lively compare to the previous tenant, Attap cafe. More western oriented with the usual menus but offers local varieties as well. The creamy cheesy fish (dory fish instead of salmon) stands out from the rest (dont u really trust my taste). I dont want to point out the negatives (if u dont like, keep mum or tell the chefs, which indirectly I did :)]."

Located off Jalan Melati, about a few hundred meters from the traffic lights junction of Jalan Melati-Jalan Kuang-Jalan Sg.Plong-Jalan Kundang, the cafe is housed in a wooden, traditional design premise.  The exterior design is pleasing to the eyes and enticing enough for us to try it out. Out of curiosity.

Googling the internet, I found only one blog telling us about this place. After dining here last night, I can only say it is not the best western food I have tasted so far but giving its newness, I'll give them a chance to improve in the taste department. Take a look at the pictures of the food and premise.

 Look up at the ceiling

Hopefully, the menu booklet won't be in tatters when you all decided to go there in 2 months time. I guess, the new and improved ones are in still in process. :))
 Hopefully, they will work harder on the sauce and/or the meats. The pasta sauce is not bad, I can still stomach it. The coleslaw? Depends on your preference. I like it better than KFC's, :)))
 Prior to this, I did not know how the buffalo wings should taste like. I have seen somewhere on tv, a documentary on them and yes, they are fried. My husband doesn't quite like this cafe's bw. Even my daughters didn't say much about them but again, it's not your taste buds trying them.
 I like the sauce which is tasty which is opposite the bland dory fish (I didn't feel like wanting to throw up after several bites as I did salmon). There are several sliced black olives in there. :)
 Again, the sauce...Chicken chop or grill is my other half's favorite order in any western cafe.
 The sauce in the lasagna is almost like mak's spaghetti sauce, according to my daughter. I cannot remember its taste when my daughter spoon fed me.
Just look at the corn. When you order, please remind them to make it moist and soft.

I will not say this is my last because it might be a good place to wind down after a hard day's work. And, I have yet to try all the other dishes in the house.
Just give them the time and encouragement to do better and who knows, many people will go looking for it.


We went there again to try other menus.

 Cheap and tasty.
 Not bad. We ate the all-in-one variety.
This time, the corn was better. I had a talk with the cashier.

When my daughter, Madia wanted to dine at Jiran, we did not refuse. I want to try another dish, the local one. She originally ordered something else before she changed it to Breaded fried chicken (cant remember its name though) because it didnt require a long wait. Tasneem ordered the White Sauce Pasta (not deliciously creamy and I would like more cheese in it but well..some people may like it less creamy). My husband ordered Roast Chicken as usual, and wanted to share it as it's too much for him alone). I decided to taste their Yee Mee. Not bad but not.. heaven. I cant figure out what was missing.

Jiran is having a good time, judging from the crowd last night and our previous visits. The car park was full but it didn't take long to get our seats. The people left as soon as they finished but not us.  Our table didn't seem to be needed so we sat back, relaxed and engaged in banters with each other. We left feeling good. :-)

Will visit Jiran again...

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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