Senado Square, Macau

We were in Macau for 4D3N and 2D2N in Hong Kong

This is at Venetian in Taipa
The second day, when husband were busy conferencing, I braved myself going alone to Senado Square in Peninsular Macau. By taking the hotel shuttle at the west lobby of the hotel, I got down at the macau jetty and then walked to Senado Square which is many blocks away from the jetty. Being a lot different from others, I knew I got second looks from them. There were appetising smell wasping in the air coming from the food stalls and restaurants as I walked along the corridors but of course I couldn't sample the food as they are not halal.

Senado Square is the center of Macau historical and cultural area where old buildings and church ruins are located. I walked around the area till my feet hurt. I didn't even use the map I brought along with me. Now enjoy looking at the pictures below which explain better than words. I can't remember much of the information I read about the buildings because my brain is too old to retain much of them. 

well, I used the road bridge at the background to cross the road from the macau jetty and then walked along the back lane towards the main road to Shenado Square.

Map of the Historic Center of Macao

A common sight in the city

One old mansion that had belonged to a rich man in Macau history

 Macau City is situated on hilly land mass

The Macau school children. Their schools were not in the open space as ours..
A small restroom  
One of the many shops selling macau delicatessen cum food souvenirs. Mcau seems to be famous for its portugese tarts
St Paul Ruins-the aftermath of the Fire
The very quiet arts street (below) and one of the many shops lining it. 
A quiet Wednesday

A small street opening between two shop blocks 
From the St. Paul Ruins, I walked down the arts street which went around to this park. Near this park is an old church and cemetery.
A kindergarten, I guess..Parents were seen fetching their child 
A peek through the kindergarten's entrance.

Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino
The famous Macau landmark in front of the Grand Lisboa Hotel where I took a taxi back to Venetian Hotel


  1. Cikgu. I can't read ur blog on my ipad. Now just browsing via blackberry.

    I've been to macau in 2009, found one kedai jual halal kebab celah2 senado square tuh. Secara xsengaja..

    First time reading ur blog!

  2. Yeke? Tak ambil gambar kedai tuke? Ntah2 dah xde masa sy pg..


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