My shoppings in Macau and Hong Kong

Macau and Hong Kong is good to LOOK at, at least to me. But they are not MY shopping heavens because I don't have that much money to splurge on NEW branded items especially handbags. I love my money. But, If had the chance to go to their factory outlet, I might love it.

While I was there, I did a lot of sightseeings, at least more than shopping. The things I bought were mostly small but popular souvenirs with my children such as fridge magnets and keychains which are a must for them when going out of the country. As for me, I collect mugs.

BUT. I still bought handbags but not the branded and expensive ones, for our daily, regular uses. It was tiring and boring to haggle for lower prices with that begging sweet voice of mine! and pleading look! But it works. Unlike one south asian lady. She did a bit aggressive talking with the saleslady who later told her off for saying she could get a lower price for one particular handbag elsewhere!

However, I did regret the handbag purchases. Why? Because, one, as my daughter found out, they are cheaper here in KL! Two, why did I bought 4 similar looking bags (tho different design)??

One thing I like about the non branded non leather handbags here is that they have them in many interesting colors and designs. The 'craftsmanships' look neat too and they didn't look as if they came from 'pasar malam'. It made me think later that the handbags I saw in our stores actually might came from China.
Ok, enough about handbags.

While browsing around the stores in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, I came across one wholesale outlet who had a beautifully design two-piece dress which I have not seen anywhere yet. I begged to buy it but the lady in charge there refused by saying that it was the only one they had then and it was a SAMPLE. It wasn't for SALE. I asked if I could get it from other stores. No. It is for the Afrikan market. If I wanted it, I could make a minimum order of 100 pieces with the cost of HK$120 each. I screamed in my heart because it was THAT cheap! Ok, at least, if I couldn't get to buy it, let me take a picture of it as Kenangan. No, no..cannot take pictures! "Oh, I'm sorry.."I mustered myself to apologize with a smile and walked out quite disappointed. Hu hu.

We went to three shopping areas which were the Ladies Market in Mongkok (caters to the ladies, of course), Sham Shui Po (men can get crazy here) and Tsim Sha Tsui (more up-market). The first two were suggested by a friend who had been to Hong Kong before. I didn't find anything interesting to buy there and I have this notion that they were giving us the tourist prices which were more expensive. It was because when I declined, the salesgirl would ask me the price I wanted. Since it wasn't my intention to buy, I just declined politely.

Sham Shu Poi
Sham Shu Poi (electronics and gadgets). See all the men?

Ladies Night Market in Mongkok during the weekend
 Lesser crowd on weeknight
 Cheaper 'LeSportsac's. Ladies were also spotted carrying big LVs.  China boleh. 
'No Free Photos'. Sorry, I didn't see that

My husband managed to buy a torchlight with a rechargeable battery which later caused us a hassle at the Macau immigration check-in counter. Another friend later informed me that the camera she bought in Hong Kong was actually cheaper in Malaysia. Therefore, a lesson learnt here: compare prices in both  countries before making a decision to buy. That means we have to do some homework first before we fly out.

Mind you, I'm not telling that just because the things were not interesting to me, they weren't to you too.  Our tastes are different, right?

In Macau, I didn't really intended to do serious shopping as I thought I wanted to do it in Hong Kong. All I did there was sightseeing and occasionally made a quick dash into the small fashion shops along the back alley when some blouses caught my attention. I really regretted not buying the pretty and quite fashionable tunics for my daughters which were only MOP89 in sales. The material was really good too, at least for that price.

The Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian Hotel where we stayed is based on the Grand Canal Soppes in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). They got a lot of world brand stores and the atmosphere there was very pretty with its fake sky done with coordinated lightings. Good for photograph taking.
Ok. I will post more pictures later when the internet speed improves. Stay tuned....


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