Stong Mountain State Park, Kelantan

My husband always got something to say about Kelantan. When we asked, how Stong got its name, he said, "it's from the English word, stone. The Kelantanese made it sounded stong." ha ha ha! Whatever.
Therefore, when we saw the sign board to the Stong State Park, my daughters unanimously urged him to stop by which he gladly consented. Yeay!
Gua Musang-Dabong-Jeli road. Since we came from the direction of Gua Musang, we turned left at a small exit which is just after the signage.
 The Jelawang waterfall at Gunung Stong. The small road leads to the entrance of the State park.

 Park entrance
Ticket counter

The restroom is located near the park entrance
The view from the Park office
Stong State Park office. It was closed when we were there. Oh yeah, it was friday, the Kelantan state weekend.

The prayer area or musollah
You know what this is..empty pool
 The cabins look a little worn down and showed lack of maintenance
 We had to walk around the big boulders to get to the small pool at the bottom of the waterfall
What not to do...
 The hanging bridge 
'Jeram', dear students..
 We took a nap on the dry stones enjoying the surrounding fresh and cool air

The water was of course, clean and clear. Although the park looked neglected, perhaps due to lack of fund, it was nevertheless 'rough' and natural. After one and a-half hour, we resumed our journey towards Jeli at 12.30 pm. Jeli is the town in the Kelantan frontier that connects with Grik via the East-West highway. The highway runs through the Titiwangsa Range which is the backbone of West Malaysia.

At Jeli, we turned towards Tanah Merah-Pasir Putih route. Tumpat, here we come!

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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