Looking Back..

The wedding reception on the my side went off well, Alhamdulillah. It was not that tiring doing it at the house contrary to the opinion of a few others. However, I got a mild fever and flu the next day, the only one to get it.
The preparation wasn't that tough but it was time consuming; the problems were more to getting the right things or getting things right rather than having to many things to do. All was needed was quick decision making and getting the right people do the work. And more important, to have the bucks ever ready! Therefore, the only cooperation I needed first was from my other half. Then, from my family including my dear mother and sisters, niece and nephew, who were up front, cleaning, tidying up, cooking, etc a week before the event.
I was out of the house most of the days up to the reception day, doing all the shoppings. I did the small house decorations gradually at nights, usually when people were asleep and I hit the pillow usually after midnites, sometimes as late as 4 am.

 During my shopping trips, I went to places I have never been to before or didn't care to go to. My shopping venues are the comfortable all-in-one One U, MV, Sogo etc.

I left the major ones like food catering, canopy works, wedding cake, guest doorgift, dowry basket decorations, entertainment and emceeing to the experts. No special dais (pelamin) and the bridal room (bilk pengantin) was a DIY. In fact, the main reception table (meja makan beradab/beradat?) was pretty enough to hold a low profile 'bersanding' event, surrounded by both extended families enjoying the 'feast'. I ordered a new curtain sets for the living and dining rooms in February and those stayed on the bay windows till the reception day.

Neighbors and friends did ask if they could help in anything and my husband, out of respect to our community/neighborhood association, held a small meeting at our religious center aka 'surau' to inform them that we had taken care of everything and to thanks them for their concern.
Well, enough said. Let's take a look at some pictures taken before the Day.

 We finally choosed this painting at IKEA after going to several places which include SSF, The Hauz Depot, One U and PAS. It was my husband's choice. Who could go against this architecture major? I got the tulips from SOGO and they matched the flowers on the invitation card. The bedroom set was handed down from the master bedroom but the mattress is brand new, ya. The Jorgen white bed sheet was covered to protect it from dust and it was bought after a thoughtful decision to have just a simple-less- frill bridal room to replace the more common bridal bed sheet I had bought from Jakel in Shah Alam. I'm waiting for the picture taken by the hired photographer since I was too busy to photograph the final look of the bridal room. 
 Initially, I ordered sheer white curtains from Jakel (as suggested by my daughters) but my son found the effects was not nice enough. I searched high and low for a certain blue color curtain fabrics to match them but to no avail and time didn't  permit. I found this ready-made at IPC but had to go there twice to get the second pair which was sourced from another store. Even the 'sanggul pengikat' I finally found at Kamdar Jln TAR. 
 Guest table decorations made by my sister Neny. My sisters booked the eye catching purple flowers as souvenirs (actually they like its big bowl-cum-vase) to bring back to Sabah. The yellow and orange flowers were from SSF and I love the vibrant colors! However, my daughters thought they were too strong against the blue feature wall of this room.
 The paper bags were one of the things that was hard to find to our liking. Fortunately, I got them at  last minute when I decided to pay another visit to the wedding store at Chow Kit. Aha, the store had restocked them. Alhamdulillah. But, what the heck..it was the same design as our counterparts in Singapore but theirs was brown. I don't care lah haha.
 I bought these tissue box covers during my July trip to Vietnam
 These cute and delicious muffins (there were 3 other flavors beside strawberry) were made and prepared by Pink Cake House in Kajang. So far, you said? I didn't know why I got the nerves to complete the trip even though my son found it difficult to find the place. What a surprise when I found out that one of the owners is my own kampung folk from Sabah. 'Orang Bugis from Wallace Bay, the kampung that I blogged previously). What a small world it is. I beg your pardon? Of course, I got a discount from them!


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