It's Puffs!

I discovered these pictures in Ismah's folder. Lets the photos tell them all.

Heat a cup of water and a cup of margarine/butter (half stick of that buttercup) to a rolling boil

Sift a cup of flour into the boiled mixture (kalau rajin, buat awal-awal)

Stir vigourously over low heat about a minute or two till it forms a ball

Turn off the heat / remove from heat. Don't cook too long or it won't puff nicely
Need 5 big eggs (single or double A)

Beat in all eggs at one time

Continue beating until smooth

Grease the baking sheet

Drop on baking pan using small spoon or use that piping cone or whatever you call it. 
I'm too lazy to use it

Should reheat the oven before you put in the balls

Bake at 25 minutes or till golden brown. These are not the big puffs we see at the bakery which may take about 40 minutes to bake.

Be careful not to underbake it or it will fall in. Cool away from draft. Click on the pic for a better view.

Cut off puffs and fill them with vanilla cream pudding. Replace tops

 I got this recipe from the library shelves of the Oklahoma State University 27 years ago.


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